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    An Understandable DSLR?

    If you can use a film SLR you can use a DSLR easy. You will need to read the manual.
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    My pictures are so bad...

    Start playing poker. Take it easy on the post processing.
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    Hello there!

    Download the manual. Study the manual. Learn how to use the camera in fully manual first. After that the rest is easy.
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    flash photography

    Although the Power Winder A only shoots 2fps but still that too fast for the flash to keep up. If you want to shoot at that rate you need to get a much bigger flash.
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    Hey Peoples! I need some advice...

    Unless you crop a lot the picture of the boy can not be made with a 14mm lens uncropped.
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    Struggling with camera light meter

    The matrix metering system has a mind of its own. You can either trust it and it does a good job in a large percentage of situations or you can alter what it did like you did. The thing about the matrix metering is that it's very difficult to tell when it's not going to do a good job and how...
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    Cropping - Need your thoughts

    Do you have a 4K monitor or at least something more than 1920x1080? If not just use a loupe on the phone. Phone can have the same details as a 1080p monitor.
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    Manual Shooting Issues

    If when you started out you started with manual mode then everything would be easier. You started out in auto mode and now things seem too difficult. First of all stop using the Exp. Comp. and do shoot things that are backlit. Use the meter and set it for 0 indication on the exposure bar to...
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    Exposure/Light Meter Question

    Manual mode is not for amateur, it's for beginner. If you're a beginner and not using manual mode then you're better off never will.
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    Does an f/1.4 lens at f/5.6 let in more light than f/4 lens at f/5.6?

    They are supposedly the same at f/5.6 but one lens is brighter than the other most likely but you wouldn't know which one without testing.
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    I am not satisfied and i want to upgrade my equipment

    You know enough about cameras as you use one for a while. Research and see which camera is best for you regardless of price. Don't buy it though and in fact don't buy anything and keep using the same camera for at least a year. After a year reevaluate your choice and see if you change your mind...
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    Which camera is the best for new born photography (studio) ?

    Did I say use f/1.8? I never use f/1.8. More like f/8 or f/11
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    Is it safe to photograph protesters?

    You have the right to do so but it's unsafe.
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    Which camera is the best for new born photography (studio) ?

    Once again only you know which is best for you and also if you are going to be a pro you should not ask others for advice on equipment. You should talk to camera manufacturers. In my field which is industrial automation I often ask equipment manufacturers for recommending new stuff that might be...
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    Which camera is the best for new born photography (studio) ?

    How can anyone answer your question? You ask the question only you can answer.
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    Which camera is the best for new born photography (studio) ?

    That is actually an easier question to answer as quality of pianos vary vastly but feature wise they don't differ nearly as much as cameras. So if you simply buy the same piano at the concert hall (which the pianist playing there unlikely to own one like that) it would be OK as it won't hinder...
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    Trouble making uncropped 4x6 prints

    Unless you carefully do it in the darkroom yourself I have never seen a 4x6 print uncropped even if the original film or digital file is of the correct aspect ratio. They always cropped a bit. So you really didn't see those as you claimed.
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    Do you prefer narrow or wide dof?

    I prefer a lot of DOF. I do use long lens for subjects that I can get close because I want the distance perspective and yet a tight composition. I do not use the long lens for shallow DOF.
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    What Really Are The Right Settings?

    It's up to you. I normally use f/8 or f/5.6. In bright sun I may use f/11. In low light I may use f/5.6.