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  1. kalmkidd

    Cold winter morning on lake Michigan

    I think the blue is way overdone. otherwise a great shot. and If you woke up early I think you would after the sunrise as it sets at night lol.
  2. kalmkidd

    No Parking Any Time

    what are we looking at? I dont get it.
  3. kalmkidd

    New York City

    im down.
  4. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    here is a few from yesterday. roaming Mid-Town Manhattan, Time Square, etc. all in color yo take our pic man Napping in Bryant Park Im homeless but my smart phone works! Dennis Rodman? lol Central Park Love A Little NYC Structure
  5. kalmkidd

    What's around the corner ?

    does nothing for me.
  6. kalmkidd

    MINT Nikon D7000 KIT (EXTRAS)

    check your PM
  7. kalmkidd

    MINT Nikon D7000 KIT (EXTRAS)

    For sale i have the following in MINT 10/10 Condition i had this as a kit for my wife she never uses it and we cant afford to just have it sit here. ALL ITEMS HAVE FULL WARRANTY Nikon D7000 Less than 500 clicks Battery,Charger,Box,Warranty,Books, etc Neck Strap,Wrist Strap Sunpro Pistol Grip...
  8. kalmkidd

    The road to no where....

    doesnt do much for me. and how old is this i was in maryland last week and it was snow and no green on trees lol
  9. kalmkidd

    Tried my hand at some food photography C&C please

    EXACTLY what i was gonna say.
  10. kalmkidd

    Critique my site please :)

    sorry but i laughed when i saw ''i refer to myself as a amazing photographer''
  11. kalmkidd

    Photo Challenge February '11 - "Self Portrait"

    a mirror didnt record his image. your new here worry about your image :)
  12. kalmkidd

    Some pictures from the park

    i like the dof in one.
  13. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    nice series twisted. now this is people lol. :)
  14. kalmkidd

    Night Shots

    couldn't of said it better. i was not trying to be harsh but you ask for cc on a images that are all the same and the same sure is NOT interesting. if your gonna work on shutter do it with a interesting subject, trying panning, etc a bunch of car lights shuttered out on a highway in 20 of the...
  15. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    jav the pondering his next move shot is EPIC!!
  16. kalmkidd

    Night Shots

    why do people post like this? not to be harsh but you stuck your camera at a highway and change the shutter speed. im pretty sure nobody finds these ''good''.
  17. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    nice stuff again twisted 18 is my fav and i wish you could have gotten closer, also like 22 a lot. glad to have another frequent street person here :)
  18. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    i wouldnt consider your work street/people but pics are def awesome and all the subjects have interest. nice work.
  19. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    ill be hitting wall street and time square this saturday so stay tuned :).
  20. kalmkidd

    =Capture a stranger street style=

    thanks john. and i must give respect every tip i have gotten and piece i have learned in street work came from javier or his site. glad you like my outcomes.