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    Hello :)

    My name is Tyler. I am 100% noob when it comes to photography, but I simply love seeing photo's of nature and buildings, so I figured it was time I purchase a camera and start doing photography myself! I purchased a Nikon D3000 yesterday and have just been playing around with it. I don't know...
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    New to photography

    Just went to look.. and yea, with the 4 yr warrenty, it would have been just under 900 dollars. Looks like I'll be buying it online.
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    New to photography

    Thanks for the suggestion. That was actually the camera I was looking at. I am heading out to the store now. We'll see how things go.. haha. Thanks.
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    New to photography

    Thanks elsaspet. I can't think of any photography stores here in my town.. so I was just thinking of going to best buy. I'm just looking for a 'starter' camera that will take good pictures. Once I'm done with school, my budget may allow for me to buy a real nice camera. Thanks again!
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    New to photography

    Hey guys and girls. I've had a thing for photography for a few years now, but have just been so busy with work and school and life in general that I haven't been able to get around to this. Now it's time to start and I need some assistance. First off, my most favorite shots are night time...