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    photos of flowers

    thanks you :)
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    photos of flowers

    More picture in my website at :) Welcome
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    OMG....MORE!!??!! (contains spider pics)

    you've used what lens and camera? Very beautiful and detail
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    in the dark corner

    @The_Traveler: if we remove the light, the scene is not logic. Coz he is the source of light for the picture (look at the shadow). I like the step, it (like our life) make this picture is more meanful :)
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    in the dark corner

    Thank you for your comment :)
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    in the dark corner

    Feeling said, tired, borrow, thinking about life ;)
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    she's happy :)
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    Hard CC, please- natural light BW's

    yes, a little too sharp. But anyway, they are beautiful portrait
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    lady in street

    I think it's street life photography. I've taken them on street or at public places:
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    " Winters' Wonderland"

    very impression. I've never seen the snow. poor me :(
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    Earth Hour in Brisbane

    I think that you have shooted when the sky is so dark. Some one told me that for the night picture, we should take them 15' before and after the sun set (there is no more the sun), when the sky is still blue. But, I like the reflexion of buildings.
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    Road to Knowhere

    i like the sunset. Well done HDR
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    Some trees, sunsets, star trails... etc.

    I like the #4 and #6 very beautiful landscape
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    some pictures of Provins ville - French

    Cesar tower: and others in my album here
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    they are colorful :)
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    Kualau Rompin, Pahang - Malaysia

    very well done HDR work. I like HDR but I don't know how to do for best result
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    photography of me!

    I don't like to cut 1/2 of face like that. waiting for others :)
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    A very unhappy camper

    nice boy :)
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    You're doing it wrong!

    you want to take a macro of eye? :-p
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    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    Thank you very much. I've taken it with a 70-200 f4L.