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    Looking for rental advice

    At my church, we have a program called upward basketball where kids come to play basketball or cheerlead. My experience so far has been taking family photos with an SB 400 for bouncing and fill flash. That's the extent of my knowledge. I've been asked to take portraits of the individual kids...
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    some pics up some c&c

    I can imagine that in the viewfinder, you had the whole subject in the frame in shots 1 and 3. Whether or not that's true, they'd be better with the whole vase and the whole flower in the shot. The top of the white flower is clipped as well as the bottom of the vase. I would recommend reading up...
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    Today is Daguerre Day...

    He was one smart dude, and we are the beneficiaries of his brilliance.
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    Focusing experiment. Interpretations?

    As it is, the subject of this thread, its pictures, and KmH's responses make great additions to the beginner's forum and gallery...could do without the unmerited negativity.
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    Nikon D7000 How does aperture minority work? Is it broken?

    Haha, how about that, "minority." I didn't type that. My fingers just kinda got their own idea.
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    Nikon D7000 How does aperture minority work? Is it broken?

    I'm just now starting to comprehend the functionality of the D7000 as opposed to the D40, and I'm overloaded with excitement.
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    Nikon D7000 How does aperture minority work? Is it broken?

    That's okay, I'll make up some grand but very loosely related analogies for camera settings and then draw pictures in the margins...make it a little more interesting.
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    Nikon D7000 How does aperture minority work? Is it broken?

    No absolutely not! That is ridiculous what you say...sigh...just kidding. You're right, and I feel like a doofus. Time to read the manual! Thank you!
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    Nikon D7000 How does aperture minority work? Is it broken?

    My Nikon D40 is such that when you switch it to the "A" that signifies aperture priority mode and turn the dial, the f-stop changes. On the D7000, I change it to aperture priority mode, and when I turn the dial, nothing changes. Shutter priority works. I never use "P" mode, but when I turn the...
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    Weil ich Neu hier bin

    Alle lande sind seiner ehre voll. We sing that in my choir. Not sure if the spelling is right.
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    As per request. STILL trying.

    ...still trying and still improving.
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    Tattoos. How many and what are they?

    I have zero tattoos and they are not...Although, if I were to ever get tattoos, I would get one to accompany every first trip I make to any given country consisting of a smallish to medium sized picture of that country's flag in a list down the left or right side of my back. I've also always...
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    C&C my first panorama and post processing attempt

    I like the dynamic range of the edit. I assume those are mountains on the right side of the frame above the horizon line, but it looks like a ridiculously ENORMOUS super structure because of the lights.
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    Comments will be most appreciated :)

    I gotta say I'm finding myself frequently agreeing with MLeeK. No. 5 is my favorite and I find it pretty interesting. On the 4th shot, I might have liked to see more of the shadow that is under the windows (under the "T" shape) because while the left window is very dark, so is the area under...
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    C&C - Newborn Shots & Edits

    I can imagine that the family is thrilled with your last shot. I think you captured the adorable expression well considering most newborns tend to look expressionless and kinda alien.
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    People will occasionally try and get a rise out of you. On the other hand, you will often get appropriate, frank, and respectful responses like MLeeK's. So, pay attention to that kind, do what MLeeK said, and have fun posting!
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    Front focus, back focus, or don't worry and focus on eyes

    NO, NIKON PERFECT!!!...*catches breath.
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    What is the best camera for a beginner ($150 budget)?

    Heck, you can probably get a film SLR for free if you ask around. I found a Pentax k1000 in a friends attic and they just gave it to me and I love it.