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    Best rechargable AA's for flashes?

    +1 black eneloop
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    Old Man of St Paul's

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    Corporate portraits, need help with lighting

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    Canon 35mm f1.4L II and Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art

    I have had the 35 1.4 L for about 10 years. It is a tie for my favorite lens. I would cry if I had to get rid of that or my 50 1.2. The 35 is fast, pretty accurate and has good character. I hated the Sigma. When it hit the focus it was very sharp. When it hit the focus. But looking at the...
  5. nickgillespie

    Lightning suggestions for child portraits in a small space?

    quickest, easiest, and cheapest would be a ttl cable for your speedlight, a lightstand and a shoot-through umbrella. you'll be amazed what 50$ in those three things will do. Also, shoot in manual mode on your flash if you can. You will get way more consistent results. Step one: turn off...
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    Corporate portraits, need help with lighting

    I'm not normally a headshot photographer, but I had a friend ask me for their firm. Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Hendersonville, North Carolina For this, I had two lights, one left and one right. The main light, the brighter one, was just like this...
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    50mm or 35mm (f1.8) FOR D3400?

    With the 50 your background will be blurred out more, if that is what you're asking. But that is just how it works... the more 'zoomed in' you are, the easier it is to get a blurry background. If you're only going to have one lens, though, I'd recommend against a telephoto. If I only had one...
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    Seeking my ultimate portrait lens

    Oops. I meant 135.
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    Canon 85MM 1.8 thoughts

    I shot with the 1.8 for years until I could afford the 1.2. Great lens, especially on full frame.
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    Ordered a Nikon d810

    Congrats man! That's an awesome camera!
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    Asking for a photo before agreeing to shoot ..

    That just seems like bad karma to me
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    Which camera for small set design/studio photography?

    So, I think I might suggest something totally different. If you aren't interested in getting into learning strobes and lighting, I'd suggest you get "continuous lights". This would be any type of lighting that you'd use for video. Something like this: Impact Soft and Natural 4 Socket 3 Light...
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    Is this because of focus breathing?

    So, I am probably wrong (I've never owned a modern Nikon), but I BELIEVE if it's a dx lens, the numbers on the lens are the equivalents in full frame. What I mean is... if you were to put a 16-35 dx lens on an fx body it would be something like 10-24. So... if your dx lens says that it's 75-300...
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    Is this because of focus breathing?

    Wait... so the fx lens says that it's a 300mm lens? And the DX lens says that it's a 200mm lens? If this is what you're saying... it makes sense. It sounds like you have two of the same focal lengths, but a 200 dx lens on an fx body looks like a 300mm lens. What you're friends probably have...
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    Profoto b1

    I have Paul C Buff strobes and my best friend has the b1 and the b2. There is absolutely no comparison. The light that comes out of the prophoto is consistent and beautiful every single click. But... If you aren't making a lot of money as a photographer (>$100,000/year - before taxes) I...
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    It has begun! So, I'm transitioning to primarily film in a near future...

    Awesome! Check out (or don't actually... it just feed the GAS) the Bokeh Factory on facebook. He converts all kinds of cool lenses to fit that mount.
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    Flash diffuser for wedding reception?

    Indoors I use an off-camera speedlight with an umbrella for portraits.
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    35mm 1.4 L for group of 10

    Yeah... just back up. You're not in an 8'x8' room right?
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    Canon prime lens advise.

    I've used all the primes and the only ones that I consider sharp (like really sharp) are the 100 macro and the 135. Those don't seem practical for taking photos at a theme park. I would think 35 or 50 for that type of walking around - unless you're talking about taking photos of kids on roller...
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    Looking For Good Upgrade Portrait Lens From Kit

    another vote for 85 1.8