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    Speedlite base?

    So...I lost the hot shoe table stand that came with my Canon Speedlite 580EX. Any idea where I can find these online? I can't seem to turn them up at places like B&H. Thanks!
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    Newbie from London, UK - Shooting university girls for FHM style

    You may be making your life more difficult by trying to compare yourself to FHM and their photography budgets. They can get pretty much any prop or location they want because of their money. You certainly can shoot in dorm rooms or hotel rooms, but that might end up looking more like an attempt...
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    Book recomendations

    I agree with this post. Understanding Exposure is an excellent book. Amazon has it for about $15 right now. And, the suggestion for the field guide to your camera is also a great recommendation. You can't go wrong with picking up these two at the same time.
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    Help with shooting live bands..

    Care to share your results and the conditions? I'm always interested in what others can offer.
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    New Xti user with an event coming up - suggestions appreciated

    Can you take both cameras? Maybe shoot a lot of the pics with the camera you're familiar with and play with the XTi separately. If you do decide to take just the XTi, and IF you're fairly familiar with camera functionality, I would suggest putting the camera on its P setting. You'll still get...
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    Rant, cry for help..Please advise..

    I agree with the above poster. Some of those shots are really good. It also looks like you're surrounded by a lot of good subject material. One thing I like to do for inspiration is to take my camera with me when I'm doing other things I really enjoy, but during which I wouldn't normally bring...
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    Any real benefit from XT vs XTi

    I own an XT, my brother the XTi. For most shooters, the quality of the shots won't vary much, but the camera is just an all-around better machine. The improved sensor, the better autofocus system, the dust cleaning system, the dust mapping software (one of the toolkit add-ons IIRC), and new...
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    Canon Rebel XTi Emergency

    Here's a link to a product at Walmart that is what you're looking for. Even if they don't have that exact item there, or if you don't live near Walmart, look for something like this anyway.
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    Canon Digital Rebel XT Autofocus

    That's why this has me so baffled, as I thought the same would be true. Obviously, if the DOF in creative was too shallow compared to the DOF resulting from the automatic settings, that would make sense. But, as far as I can tell all settings are the same. I'll try and take some test photos...
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    Canon Digital Rebel XT Autofocus

    Sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere; my search wasn't very fruitful. In a nutshell, I'm having trouble understanding the nuances of autofocus between the creative modes on my camera and the fully automatic modes when I shoot with my Digital Rebel XT and my 24-70mm f/2.8L lens...