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    A San Francisco Morning - 1 for C&C

    Recently moved to the Bay Area, and it is just tremendous to be able to see sights like this every day. I really need to start working on a collection of photos.
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    Bay Bridge in San francisco

    Wow, beautiful. I love that one. I haven't done black and white, but this picture makes me think about trying it.
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    San Francisco

    Nice, I have been living in the area for about 3 weeks and loving it. There is so much to photograph here, and I am hoping to get time to take some shots soon.
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    Question for Bloggers

    My blog is also an offshoot of my site. We have a very active forum just like here, and I have found that my blog posts do very well in rankings. Having a good pagerank probably helps too.
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    Finally Hosted Web Site.

    Very professional and appears it does exactly what is needed. It's not too busy, yet still looks good on a wide monitor. Nice job. :)
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    Illegal usage by

    You'd be surprised. Many hosts will help you, so be sure to send an email to the host's abuse department. Also, you can go above the host, and contact the data center.
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    Taking a slightly different view, I want to mention that lots of people do just fine "flying by the seat of their pants". If you are able to starting lining up some customers and generating profits, then it will be much easier to move to the next steps of getting an accountant, and getting your...
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    Stock photo analysis

    There are lots of other sites cropping up besides istockphoto, and it might be better to run your own program on your own site, than having to give a cut to someone.
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    Pricing Packet

    There are some pretty good deals to be found on 4 color printing if you look around. Have searched online for some low priced printing companies?
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    Small idea...

    I'll hope you'll let us know how things progress for you.
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    Where do you prefer to meet your clients?

    Let's suppose you have a client that wants to hire you for a job. Where do you like to meet them? Ex. 1. Starbucks 2. Your studio 3. The location where you are going to do the photography 4. Their office
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    Handcoloring workshop in the Atlanta Ga. area

    Very cool. I live in Atlanta. I'll put this on my calendar, and hopefully I can come and see you.
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    Small idea...

    Yes, the idea to do free shoots is an excellent idea. You can build your portfolio, make friends, get some happy customers, and make some money too. I am a ballroom dancer, and we worked with a photographer who did this, and ended up spending way more than we planned, because we liked the...
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    Illegally copying from proofs - Poll result

    I think you just have to use a watermark these days. You have to assume people may not play fair (or if even realize it).
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    Protecting your valuable photos and equipment

    I'm thinking that it might be a good practice to keep only the work that I plan to use in the near future nearby, and put the other work in some sort of a safe, undisclosed location. I have a memory of a friend that was a baseball card collector. He literally had hundreds of thousands of...
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    Nervous about starting a business

    I was nervous when I started my own business too. It was a lot of hard work the first couple of years, and there were a few stressful times, but I am so glad I took the plunge. I think it is a wonderful thing to do. As much as possible, leave little to chance, and have a well conceived plan.
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    Hello All!

    Welcome Aaron. You seem to be a popular guy already! :)
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    Protecting your valuable photos and equipment

    I'm curious what people here do to protect against loss. Do you keep all your photos in one place? Do you have them protected with lock and key? Do you have insurance against loss? Do you use any sort of special containers? Sometimes I wonder what I would do if for example, the roof started...
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    Stealing ideas

    I think part of being a professional is working with the ideas that are out there and taking them to a new level. Nobody likes copy cats, but on the other hand, sometimes it is time to reinvent something in a new and exciting way.
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    A little honesty

    As a newer user, one problem I found when trying to visit some of the photo areas was there was no simple way to see which photos were more popular, or which were submitted by "esteemed" photographers. When clicking on threads its somewhat "hit or miss" what you are going to find.