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  1. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Where to get photo calendars printed, Canada

    Where is a good affordable place to get calendars printed in Canada? I used Vista Print last year, but my calendars end up being rather expensive when I go to sell them.
  2. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    Xpozer. It's a beautiful system. I am a little in love with it. The prints are great quailty on a satin finished kind of vinyl material, stretched. They float off the wall. Very light weight, and you can exchange the prints with the hanging system to switch up your wall. Xpozer Wall...
  3. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    The majority of them were on canvas, but I also had some small prints done on aluminum, some printed on Xpozer and one printed on wood.
  4. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    Thank you. I was pretty nervous about it.
  5. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    Oh, Yes. She was a teenager. I assume it's to show friends. The ones she liked most were on canvas, so maybe not to good for a shot on her wall. It was fun listening to her talk to herself as she viewed them. Ha ha!
  6. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    By 'Tough' I mean both in getting turn out for openings and viewings as well as sales. I did sell some stuff and had a few people contact me for prints in other formats, but didn't sell as many as I was hoping to. The opening and the exhibit had lots of people go through for viewings though...
  7. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Had my first exhibit!

    I had 50 pieces. It was in our local Art Gallery in Terrace BC. I guess August is a pretty tough month in our town for exhibits (according to people I've talked to).
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    Had my first exhibit!

    Yesterday I just finished up my first exhibit. It was quite the experience. :)
  9. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Haida Gwaii sunrise.

    This summer we went on a 2 week tenting trip in Haida Gwaii along the British Columbia coast. I was waking up super early to not miss the sunrises. Here's one from our first night there, in a Tlell. The beach all to myself. Tlell Sunrise, Haida Gwaii by Jen Philippe, on Flickr
  10. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Mountains and Nature

    I bet. I would love to see it in person. Wow.
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    Nice shot. Sensor spots are my biggest pet peeve. I just got back from holidays with several thousands of photos with sensor spots. Some of them quite bad. :(
  12. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    My Eclipse Landcape

    That is beautiful. I love your composition. We didn't get to see it here, it was so clouded in (and raining) that we couldn't even tell if it got darker or not.
  13. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Haida Gwaii Night Sky

    Haida Gwaii night sky. When the clouds part in Haida Gwaii the heavens shine through. Stars twinkle as they peek out here and there through drifting clouds. On this night when that happened the aurora even made a brief glowing appearance. The night was filled with the sound of waves coming as...
  14. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    How to price your landscape photos

    Thanks for all the helpful tips. I will definitely take them into consideration. I feel like most of my work is under priced, and I am not really making anything off of it. On a bright note, The local Art Gallery has asked me to put on a show! So far my prints have only been in a store...
  15. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Web use pricing

    I have someone that wants to use one of my images on their website as a heading picture. They are wondering what I would charge for it. Normally I would just say, go ahead, but give me photo credits. But they are insisting on paying me for it's use. How does one figure out a price for...
  16. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Check out my adventures!

    Check out my adventures!
  17. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    Taughts on this? Ireland's Eye

    Love the stone structure. Tricky getting shots from boats. Your composition is really nice. I usually try and expose for the sky as well. Using lightroom I've brought the shadows up, added a little contrast and straightened the horizon slightly.
  18. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    How to price your landscape photos

    I'm curious how everyone prices their landscape photos that they sell. I generally do my printing on Canvas, metal or photo prints and either sell them at a local gift shop/gallery or by people who contact me. The gift/gallery shop charges me 25% commission. I tend to eat that commission...
  19. AdventuresInMyTrustyBoots

    A couple more Aurora shots

    My settings were: Nikon D810, Tamron 15-30mm, F2.8 ISO 1250, 13sec . Nikon D810, Tamron 15-30, F2.8, ISO 1600, 20sec