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    Needs tips on shotting portraits!

    I took this photo today of my girlfriend. It was about 50 degrees out (cold fall weather here in Michigan) and she already has a cold......please C&C and provide some feedback. Thanks! Editing: Converted to B/W. Blurred background (noticeable because it was quickly). Brightened pupils.
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    Needs tips on shotting portraits!

    Thanks for the tips guys.....I have been studying some portraits and their composition. I guess I just need to get out and shoot! Will post pictures for C&C soon!
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    Needs tips on shotting portraits!

    Hello all, I have recently been propositioned to do some fall portrait photography for friends and I have never shot people, just scenery and automotive. Can someone give me the most basic tips as far as shooting portraits outdoors. I have a Nikon D60. No external flash and no props. Please...
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    Hello from Detroit, MI..............

    Hello all. My name is Val and I wanted to say hello and look forward to getting great feedback and tips on my photos! I enjoy snapping automotive, watersports, and scenic photos. I am hoping this photo forum will help me make the transition from having an eye for photography to an...