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  1. dhilberg

    Which Lens is Best?

    I've shot my son extensively playing both basketball, baseball, and soccer. I used my 50mm f/1.4 for the basketball and 80-200mm f/2.8 for the baseball and soccer on a D90. 200mm is really not long enough for baseball, especially if it's a professional sized field. My son is only 9 and he plays...
  2. dhilberg

    Nikkor AF 35mm f/1.8 lens came in and i'm soooo disapointed!

    Well the major advantage of the 35mm prime is that it goes to f/1.8, whereas the 18-55mm is variable f/3.5-5.6. If you mainly do outdoor stuff then why did you bother with the fast prime? Were you expecting a night and day difference in the image quality vs. the kit lens?
  3. dhilberg

    somber landscape photo for C&C

    Watch out for the photography course. Art is very subjective and if your instructor doesn't like your work you'll get a crappy grade, no matter how much effort you put into it (been there). Unless you need art credits I wouldn't bother. You'll learn more reading a couple books and just shooting...
  4. dhilberg

    Shoot Wide Open

    Obviously both shallow and deep depth of field has their places. You're probably not going to shoot a landscape at f/2, and you're probably not going to shoot sports at f/11 (unless you're panning). In the words of one well-known sports photographer: "I didn't buy a 400mm f/2.8 to shoot at f/8."
  5. dhilberg

    Lens Fog

    Also try using your lens hood. It will help reduce the fogging by shielding the element from direct exposure to the night sky. Although the more vertical you get the less this will help obviously.
  6. dhilberg

    What is the best monitor calibration device?

    I use the Spyder 3 Pro. Works great. I think he's asking for specifics there smart alek. He's probably already done a Google search and found himself lost in the results.
  7. dhilberg

    Intersting Canon cam used for pro video

    The House season finale was filmed entirely with a Canon 5D MKII and Canon lenses (all fast primes I believe). I was actually talking recently with a videographer buddy of mine about DSLR video and the House episode, and he loves it: "It's an inexpensive way to get that professional 'film'...
  8. dhilberg

    Sigma 300mm vs Nikon 300mm

    Price isn't the be-all-end-all indication of quality. I understand your skepticism, but there are some third party lenses that perform better optically than the OEM counterparts they're designed to compete with. But there are lots of lemons in third party gear. You just need to know how to...
  9. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    This is why I backup to two separate drives, one of which I keep in a safe deposit box at the bank. I swap them usually around the first of each month. Granted, the threat of losing the house is minimal, but you have to be prepared. It could happen.
  10. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    :lol: Okay, but since we were discussing Windows Home Server based on your initial input (see your post in #17 here), it would have been reasonably safe to assume I was not talking about "generic" servers. :confused: That seems to have led to your confusion. Anyway, YES, a Windows Home...
  11. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    Windows Home Server is simply an operating system produced by Microsoft (available separately). You still need the hardware (the "server") to run it on. Many--if not most--of these "servers" have the Windows Home Server OS pre-installed when you buy them. Maybe you don't refer to them as...
  12. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    A good idea if you have more money to spend and have multiple PCs. However, a good docking station (like mine) will run you only $40, plus a decent sized internal drive maybe $100. Write up a quick batch file that does incremental backups on the folders of your choice, then automate it by having...
  13. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    I've used EASEUS Partition Manager to repartition a couple of times. The Home version is free (32-bit only, 64-bit is not free). Makes repartitioning a breeze. Ideally you shouldn't have to repartition, but if you're running out of space you'll need to. Honestly, multiple partitions is high...
  14. dhilberg

    Let's Build Me a Computer

    +1 When I build my next computer, the OS and installed programs will be on an Intel x25m, either the 80GB or 160GB version, unless something better comes out before then. The 160GB version is a little spendy, so probably the 80GB version. I'm planning to upgrade to Windows 7 when I build the...
  15. dhilberg

    lens recommendation for Nikon D90?

    "Inexpensive as possible" pretty much determines the choice, which would be the Nikon 18-55. If your friend wants a faster lens he/she can get the excellent Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 for about $420.
  16. dhilberg

    SD Card Speed

    Did you have the camera in continuous-focus mode and were you tracking the subject? Some bodies have a continuous-focus mode with a focus priority. The shutter won't release unless the subject is in focus, even if you're holding the shutter release button down. This will slow down your fps...
  17. dhilberg

    Fringing?? NOoooooooOOO!!!

    Another way to remove the purple fringing is to add a Hue/Saturation layer, select blues from the drop-down menu, select the eyedropper tool, sample the area with the CA (blow it up to like 800% to make it easier to see individual pixels), then drop the saturation of that color down. Repeat with...
  18. dhilberg

    can this be trusted?

    I bought my D90 for $774.95 brand new from Cameta Camera back in December. Based on the information presented, it looks sketchy. Why would he have a brand new D90 with no box, paperwork, or any other included items, especially if he shoots Canon? And then offer to throw in a compact flash...
  19. dhilberg

    Spyder 3 Pro - Color space question

    I'm assuming you calibrated your monitor to sRGB. I have Photoshop CS4 so your settings may differ. In Windows set your monitor's color profile to the one created with Spyder 3 Pro. Make sure it's set as the default profile. In Photoshop under Color Settings make sure your working space is...
  20. dhilberg

    d3 vs d3s

    I would get the D3. Great body, available right now. The D3s is on backorder until who knows.