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  1. srinaldo86

    Pics are grainy - Help

    I am not so sure graininess is all you have to fear dear child...
  2. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    Wow is me... A Tar Heel??? I can not honestly hold that against you unless you live here. The tar heels as a team have done amazing things, however the people that live in the tar heel nation for the most part are pompous ass holes, aside from the wonderful NC natives.
  3. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    Psh Posh.... He will accept the fact that your creative juices are flowing at these hours. Hopefully? Luckily for me my wife is in Philadelphia so I get to play on the computer all night.
  4. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    And now I am lost again... Bitter, how about you post a photo of what keeps you up at this hour. Surely it is not a Paloma Picasso....
  5. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    Now that I've had a good smoke to clear my head I understand it a bit more... Or at least have interrupted it in my own way.
  6. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    I expect better and more relevant post from you. A :popcorn: would have been better.
  7. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    I have NO idea what that means...
  8. srinaldo86

    A few recent shots - C&C

    One and three really caught my attention, I like them a lot.
  9. srinaldo86

    She wanted something snazzy. (NSFW-ish)

    Snazzy .... Acquired.
  10. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    Alright jerks, I know you're awake so go take a picture and post it. This thread shall not die! Make it freaking interesting.
  11. srinaldo86

    Exploring Our Forgotten World

    Ditto!!! I've even searched the web for places near me to try this out but every time i make the trip it turns out to be rubble with no excitement value.
  12. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    It looks very familiar... Looks a lot like NC State Athletics dormitorys.
  13. srinaldo86

    Photos Of My New Lotus: Luka Magnotta

    That is the part I like the most... Bar hopping on a bicycle. Right on. I might be a bike cop but I can still appreciate a good bar ride.
  14. srinaldo86

    coffeshop girl.

    Erm, I am torn with this photo. I think it was a good capture but with some flaws. A photo needs a more attractive point of interest to make it worth while. If I knew this girl personally I would probably really appreciate this photo, but being that I don't and that there is motion blur and...
  15. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    That's what I'm talking about! What a trooper.
  16. srinaldo86

    Dream Vehicle

    I always wanted a convertible...
  17. srinaldo86

    Beginer question

  18. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    So who is awake at the moment? I am, and I want some people to talk to and take pictures with (so to speak.) Pictures of why you're awake, or something interesting that you see at these hours. If you aren't posting or taking the picture past 2200 (10:00 p.m.) then it doesn't belong here. Here...
  19. srinaldo86

    Are you a wedding photographer...

    near Little Falls, NY? I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this however my wife and I are looking for a photographer for our wedding on Sept. 5th 2010. (We are secretly married right now but that is our official formal wedding day.) Our wedding will be at Beardslee Castle for about 6...