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  1. TWoods450

    Willemstad, Curacao at night.

    Took this last summer while on vacation.
  2. TWoods450

    mmmm pork on the grill....

    I was smoking some meats tonight, and snapped a few shots. nothing fancy.
  3. TWoods450

    Golden Gate Bridge HDR

  4. TWoods450

    Free, WebApp like photoshop

    .: SUMO Paint :.
  5. TWoods450

    Obama first pres with digital pic

    President Obama's official portrait: the first ever taken with a digital camera - Engadget Looks like Obama is the first President who's official pic was take with a digital camera, The Canon 5dMkII.
  6. TWoods450

    Luxor @ night from my balcony

    I came to vegas for CES without my tripod, so I hit up a walmart to buy a cheap tripod 20 bucks later I remember why I love my Manfrotto 190 sooooo much. well it did its job and here is one of the pics I took, what do ya guys think.
  7. TWoods450

    Sunrise in vegas

    snapped this from the balcony of my hotel room yesterday.
  8. TWoods450

    Father-in-law xmas gift

    My mother-in-law wants to buy a dslr for him for xmas. She asked me what is out there, spending around 900 for a body and lens what would you guys suggest. He likes both canon and Nikon, I was kinda thinking the XSi, but the D90 seems good too, but a little higher than she was looking. Anything...
  9. TWoods450

    Wireless remote or Cable Release

    I have the Rebel XTi and want to do some bulb exposure shots, will the wireless remote allow me to do this, or do I need a cable release? I don't want to hold the button for 30 minutes.
  10. TWoods450

    Couple HDR shots

    So I am trying to figure out this whole HDR thing, I think these two look pretty decent, both were taken last night 1. 2.
  11. TWoods450

    SanDisk CyberMonday Friends and Family 60% off.

    Thought you guys might get some use out of this.
  12. TWoods450

    watering hole.

    Took a walk today and thought this was pretty so snapped a couple shots, then messed with photomatix to try to make an HDR pic, this is what i got. Not as dramatic as some of the others but some C&C is very welcome.
  13. TWoods450, anyone ever use em..

    I was just looking at dream cameras and found the 40d body for 449 on this site. They also have the 50d body for 799. If any of you have used them, and were satisfied, my week old XTi may see its way out just to be replaced with a 40d.
  14. TWoods450

    Noise with XTi v. XT

    a couple years ago I had the Rebel XT and was satisfied with it. So when I had the chance to pick up an XTi last week I jumped on it (VERY CHEAP), but i'm really disapointed with all the noise that is introduced with higher ISO 800/1600. Is this normal with this camera? I don't remember there...
  15. TWoods450

    hello everyone newb here

    I am new to the boards heck this is my first post :) I used to be into photography back in High School, taking lots of action shots of my friends and I skateboarding, and also nature shots. Well that was bout 12-13 years ago now and I'm trying to get back into it but this time with digital...