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    Looking for a D800

    Nice. Was it low shutter count?
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    Canon EOS 7D for Sale

    Psst... I think he means to have your name in the background of a picture with the 7D :wink:
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    FS/T: Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head+Extra QR Plate for your Arca Swiss mount ball head

    Hey guys! I have a Manfrotto 496RC2. I've had it for under 2 months and have only used it indoors once or twice. It is still in brand new condition. Not a mark or scratch on it anywhere. Ball head action is just as smooth as when it was new. Knobs and locks are very smooth also. I like this...
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    ALL my Nikon Gear for Sale + Extras

    Pictures would be nice. Curious to see what the 18-200 looks like :confused:
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    Wonderpana Filter kit for UWA lens (rokinon, samyang, etc)

    Does this fit the Nikon 14-24?
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    FS: Nikon D3x

    Taking a look at the secondary market, some sell for less and some for more than my asking price, depending on condition. Mine is in like new condition with a few accessories that cost a couple hundred on their own. Just a bit confused as to why the other D3x threads (that honestly sound a bit...
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    FS: Nikon D3x

    No interest?
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    FS: Nikon D3x

    Hey guys. Selling a mint condition D3x. This one is barely used. I believe it is under 5000 clicks. Everything works perfectly, not a mark on it. It will come with a Really Right Stuff BD3-L L plate which costs $200 alone. It also includes two Nikon EN-EL4a batteries, a MH-22 double quick...
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    FS/T: Nikon 70-200mm ƒ/2.8G VR

    Hello! Up for sale is a Nikon 70 200 f/2.8 in mint condition. I love this lens but have only used it maybe two or three times indoors in a studio setting. I just tend to find myself shooting with wide angles more. As you can see in the pictures, this lens is excellent condition. You wouldn't...
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    FS: Nikon D700

    Price drop to 1350
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    FS/FT: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8

    Hey guys. Selling a MINT condition 24-70. You guys know how good this lens is. It is tack sharp and super fast focusing. I am selling it because I'm trying to lighten my load and get a couple of primes. I have only used this lens a handful of times indoors. A filter has always been used. Front...
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    FS: Nikon D700

    It's the new Nikon 90000mm ƒ/108 VRIIIII In all seriousness, I meant f/8.
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    FS: Nikon D700

    Bump! Price drop to 1450. Offers/trades welcome!
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    Nikon lenses 50mm 35mm and 28-70mm

    You can try and open a dispute and get your money back.
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    Nikon lenses 50mm 35mm and 28-70mm

    Damn... Did you use paypal?
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    Nikon lenses 50mm 35mm and 28-70mm

    What's the link to that thread?
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    Nikon lenses 50mm 35mm and 28-70mm

    Guys, DO NOT buy these. This guy is a scam. Made up multiple fake names and paypal accounts.
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    FS: Nikon D700

    Hey guys! Selling the D700 to save up for a D600 for video. It's in good condition, as you can see in the pictures. There is a little dust that shows up in pictures if you stop it down a bit, but I don't have any equipment to clean it so I would rather not touch it. I cannot notice anything...
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    Tamron SP A05 17-35mm F/2.8-4 LD Aspherical Di IF Lens (Nikon )>> FX<<, not DX!

    What actress did you have in mind and does she have to be conscious for it to count?
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    FS: D7000, D600, D700, D300s, D300 Rubber Terminal Covers!

    Hey guys. I found a bunch of these laying around and figured I'd sell them as people lose these a lot. These are the rubber covers that go over the terminals that communicate with the battery grip. They're essential for weather resistance and to prevent damage to them. I have both the ones for...