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  1. Propsguy

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to a bunch of people I don't know, but have come to admire... All the best to you and your's...
  2. Propsguy

    Handheld Night Cityscape

    C&C welcome.... This was handheld on a D90, shot a couple of years ago... 35mm prime at F1.8... with an ISO of 2000... very clean for this ISO... It was extremely foggy and wet... you can't tell it's raining, but it most certainly is... what made this shot most difficult is that I had...
  3. Propsguy

    Hello from Ontario

    Hello forum members.... Thought I'd take the chance to introduce myself and, unusually for me, actually join a forum and take part in discussions... I generally don't join forums because I can't share most of my photography... I shoot for the Film and Television Industry, and occasionally...