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  1. theraven

    A website with free photo competitions

    Hey everyone, I signed up to Gurushots a while ago and I'm making my way up through the ranks (doing really well) but I'm stuck and I need to get a Gurupick to go to the next level (a Gurupick is when one of the guys who runs the website picks your photo as a favorite out of each challenge)...
  2. theraven

    Clickasnap - Getting paid per view?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had heard of or tried Clickasnap? It's something I stumbled upon the other day and I'm pretty skeptical about it. Apparently they are trying to change the way that photographer share and get paid for their photography. Something to the tune of the more views...
  3. theraven

    New Logo and App

    So I've been doing a lot of marketing etc recently, first of all to create a very different and unique logo which represents my business and second of all to create an app for free, a good app, with push notifications (harder than it sounds). I have done both! So I am looking for opinions...
  4. theraven

    The Wonderful Pixie Rothwell

    Just looking for a bit of crit on this shot from a vintage wedding shoot!
  5. theraven

    Bounce Rate Increase?

    Hi all! I've noticed just recently that my bounce rate has increased, no idea why :/ So what I've done is removed everything from the homepage apart from the menu and the content blocks so that people have to click through to see anything. Just wondering if any of you guys have found...
  6. theraven

    Logo design help.

    Ok so I am re branding my company. New logo, business cards, redesigning my website etc. I don't really know what logo to use. Words, a picture? Colour? Black and white? Just wondering if anyone has any tips on designing your own logo?
  7. theraven

    Cannock Chase Deer

    A couple of weeks ago we got up ridiculously early to drive to Cannock Chase in the hopes of seeing some deer. We weren't disappointed! Just near a place called Freda's Grace, a dalmatian that was an army mascot, we walked around and eventually found this beautiful herd of deer! Cannock...
  8. theraven

    Apps for your business

    Do any of you photographers have an app specific to your business? The company I work for has started doing bespoke apps that are branded to each company and I am thinking of taking one on. You can have push notifications, they can purchase images directly through the app, call, text and...
  9. theraven

    Equine indoor event tips

    Hello all, long time no speak! I did an event this weekend and it was indoor and outdoor full day horse show and I was the only photographer. Needless to say I was run off my feet! Really enjoyed it and have had lots of purchases from my site of the oictures, but for my piece of mind I would...
  10. theraven

    Four Shires Bloodhound Hunt - Staffordshire

    Another fantastic day chasing the hunt across the Staffordshire Moorlands! Bloodhound hunting does not involve hunting animals. Bloodhounds hunt a human scent, they send a runner out about an hour before and the bloodhounds chase his scent. Keeps tradition going, no animals hurt in the...
  11. theraven

    Alter-Nation Hair Shoot

    Hey guys, Did a shoot for a friend for her hair dressing business, some for art for the walls, some for advertising. Only a couple of the people that came for the shoot had ever modelled before, so I am very pleased with the images, as are the models and the hair dressers! Here are a few, the...
  12. theraven

    Smugmug Website

    Hey everyone, so glad it's Friday! I was wondering if you guys would mind taking a look at my website and giving me some constructive feedback? I've just redesigned it all and set it back up. It's the place where when I shoot an event people can head over and purchase the pictures and also a...
  13. theraven

    Autumn at Keele Hall

    One taken whilst having a walk around the grounds at Keele Hall, Staffordshire. Taken with Sony A65 and Minolta RS 50mm 1.7 F2.8 ISO 400 1/160 Autumn at Keele Hall by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr
  14. theraven

    Macro with Sigma 70-300 DG Macro

    I was looking for a new, better, longer and good value for money telephoto lens when I came across the Sigma 70-300 DG macro. What a cracking lens! In Sony fitment it was £99, new from Currys, and it has a Macro switch on the side, so from 200-300mm it can be a macro! Now I don't do macro...
  15. theraven

    Opinions and tips from the pro's please!

    My website and shop are now up and running finally! After much deliberation, I have chosen Smugmug to use, they now have a UK printing company so it works well. I looked at so many and this seems the best for me as of now. So, opinions guys! Anything you don't like, is it too complicated for...
  16. theraven

    Moonlight along the canal, Middleport

    One from a night out shooting around Middleport last week. Again, looks better on black on Flickr. Critique welcome, I'm not happy with the moon but I think the moving clouds naffed it up a bit. Moonlight along the canal, Middleport by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr
  17. theraven

    A day out hunting with the Four Shires Bloodhounds

    Had a wonderful day out with the Four Shires Bloodhounds this weekend! Blog post about the day here - A day out hunting with the Four Shires Bloodhounds | Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin The full set of photographs here -...
  18. theraven

    Swallow with off camera flash

    A beautiful swallow, giving me a good pose whilst I use the off camera flash to capture him! Swallow by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr
  19. theraven

    Burslem in the blue hour

    Critique welcome, as always, please click the image to view on a black background and bigger! Burslem at night by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr
  20. theraven

    Minerva, First shot with new A65!

    Taken with my new A65 and a 50mm Minolta 1.7 RS, one cheap £1 car boot sale flash off to the side wireless. Critique more than welcome! Please click the image to view on a black background, as always, it is much better! Minerva, my beautiful rescue cat by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin...