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  1. Thanasis_gs

    A little trip to Budapest, C&C please

    The first one was shot without a tripod.
  2. Thanasis_gs

    Some plants, a frog and a fly

    I wanted to get a more clear shot of the frog, but he wouldn't stand still :lol: Comments and suggestions would be great :D P.S Can someone inform me, about the name of these plants? I don't know the term in English.
  3. Thanasis_gs

    Railways in Athens

    This is my first image post, so i hope i 've done everything ok! This photo, is from Agios Ioannis Rentis, Athens, Greece. A.I. Rentis is an industrial area and offers plenty of shots like this one. I will post more when i have the chance. I hope you like it. P.S I made a great mistake. I...
  4. Thanasis_gs

    Some characteristic pictures of the last 100 years

    I don't know if i am posting it to the right section, so please if not, forgive me :blushing: This is a topic I once read in the greek news site and it is about some pictures, taken from the most important things which happened in the last 100 years. Unfortunately its in greek, my...
  5. Thanasis_gs


    Greetings to all! I am Thanasis and I'm from Athens, Greece. I am a new member here and I hope to learn a lot from all of you. I am not a stranger to photography, but i recently bought my first dslr, so my knowledge is kind of... limited about our interest. Anyway nice to meet you all!