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  1. srinaldo86

    Late Night

    So who is awake at the moment? I am, and I want some people to talk to and take pictures with (so to speak.) Pictures of why you're awake, or something interesting that you see at these hours. If you aren't posting or taking the picture past 2200 (10:00 p.m.) then it doesn't belong here. Here...
  2. srinaldo86

    Are you a wedding photographer...

    near Little Falls, NY? I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this however my wife and I are looking for a photographer for our wedding on Sept. 5th 2010. (We are secretly married right now but that is our official formal wedding day.) Our wedding will be at Beardslee Castle for about 6...
  3. srinaldo86

    New Apartment

    The wife and I have spent all weekend redecorating our new apartment (which we only have a six month lease on at the moment) but decided to make it our home for now. We'll probably extend the lease for another six months. So here are some pictures of what we have done so far.... The Outside...
  4. srinaldo86

    Who here is trying to shoot MARS

    tonight?? You may not have a chance for a while after tonight to get a good shot! Last Chance to Get a Good Look at Mars Until 2012 - Yahoo! News
  5. srinaldo86


    I have been hearing sirens from all sorts of emergency vehicles drive past over the past twenty minutes all in the same direction. So far I've heard multiple fire trucks, an ambulance, and multiple police cars. If I hadn't finished off a bottle of wine I'd grab my camera and go investigate.
  6. srinaldo86

    Need to lose some inches fast!

    I have a uniform inspection tomorrow, and again on Wednesday. I haven't worn this uniform since July 09, and seeing as its been nothing but holidays and snow storms since November I've put on some weight! The uniform still buttons but is a bit too snug for an inspection, so what I'm asking is...
  7. srinaldo86

    Sadder than any movie I've ever seen...

    BE WARE - EXTREMELY SAD VIDEO OF ELDERLY DOG BEING PUT DOWN. It is a sad video, but it is a very well done documentary that I though some of you may appreciate and perhaps inspire you. Last Minutes with Oden I cried like a baby, I just put down my 15 year old black lab "Bunny," in October 2008.
  8. srinaldo86

    Product Photo - 1st attempt.

    As some of you have seen I just built a back drop, and since I don't have a model to shoot, I figured I'd try a product shoot. I had drank several of these before taking the photos so.... yeah.
  9. srinaldo86

    Home Made Back Drop Project

    I decided this morning to start a project to make a field expedient back drop. So from the moment I woke up I started planning the design and supplies. Then devoted the rest of my day to the construction and testing of it. It wasn't as cheap as I had expected or hoped but so far I am pleased...
  10. srinaldo86

    Camera Bag 81% Off!

    It is not often has deals on camera equipment, so when I spotted this I figured I had better share! Monster Camera To Go Pouch Case - Full Size Universal Camera Carrying Bag: SF Planet There aren't any reviews on it but it looks kind of neat, for a shoulder bag at least.
  11. srinaldo86

    I have been postponing posting these long

    enough! C&C and Editing very welcome. I suppose you could say these are primarily product photos, so it was definitely something new for me. I usually do wild life/landscapes. I bring you (part of) the 2010 Carolina Chocolate Festival! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  12. srinaldo86

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    What do you indulge in whether legal or not? Perhaps a dirty little secret that you don't normally openly discuss, or a bad habit such as smoking or drinking, poor eating habits, etc.? I myself partake in smoking and drinking (cigars, not weed) when I don't have to work. Also I am in love with...
  13. srinaldo86

    New Avatar...

    I'm not really that big of a Canon vs. Nikon kinda guy but the idea came into my head while driving the other day after seeing all these Calvin's peeing on Nikon. "I wouldn't even piss on it if it was on fire." My avatar was born.
  14. srinaldo86

    Is anyone really a winner or a loser

    when its a chocolate pudding eating contest? The only thing that could have made that day better would be a visit from Bill Cosby.
  15. srinaldo86

    Kinda crappy...

    I was mainly just testing out my new tripod but got a couple somewhat decent photos... C&C always welcome. 1. My truck (VERY dirty from all the road salt) 2. Tiny Waterfall 3. Tree stuck in the water
  16. srinaldo86

    I can not wait for tomorrow!

    I spent all day driving in the snow looking for places to take photographs at tomorrow once the "Virginia Blizzard of 2010," Ends. Very very excited, and I hope to have a new tripod added to my 3rd World arsenal. ANYWAYS.... Here is a couple older photos for some C&C: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  17. srinaldo86

    New Toy New Toy!!

    I succumbed to an impulse purchase just minutes ago... The Marine Corps Exchange had a perfectly good Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III on the clearance shelf for $161.99 (tax free!) Seeing as I've been desiring a new lens for a while now because the kit lens just doesn't satisfy my desires so, I...
  18. srinaldo86

    A weekend in DC. C&C Welcome.

    This fish kept staring at me... Being Mushy My wife Meghan
  19. srinaldo86

    Yet another new person.

    Hey, my name is Ross and I work in Quantico, VA. I've always enjoyed photography but I'm coming to find that I don't know nearly as much as I had thought. Anyways that's part of the reason I joined this site, TO LEARN! I just purchased a Canon Rebel XS for Christmas (yes I bought myself a...