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  1. Casey78

    So what do you think we should have in stead of "Canikon" ? Canony ?

    Canon and Nikon lose 15% camera sales share news - Amateur Photographer - news, camera reviews, lens reviews, camera equipment guides, photography courses, competitions, photography forums
  2. Casey78

    HDR DSLR cameras

    and a camera having built in HDR doesn't make it a bad camera either. I have the A500 and its a great camera,I don't use the HDR option much as I don't really like that type of photo whichever way its done be it in camera or in Photoshop.
  3. Casey78

    Thoughts on this camera..

    I wouldn't ever buy a Nikon or Canon camera,I prefer to be different and not go for something that everyone else has. I also think people believe they are better photographers because they have a Canon or Nikon camera. Its a bit like the amateur golfer who spends thousands on Taylormade or...
  4. Casey78

    What brand do you use ?

    Would only use Sony nothing else.
  5. Casey78

    What's that I hear you say? Another Lens thread?....Yup sure is

    None of my links seem to work so ignore them! But the questions still remain the same
  6. Casey78

    What's that I hear you say? Another Lens thread?....Yup sure is

    Hi all. I have a couple of questions about upgrading from my kit lens.I have a Sony A500 btw. I want to buy a Macro lens and a zoom lens. My questions are. A) Should I buy a dedicated Macro lens like this or a Zoom type Macro lens...
  7. Casey78

    Frozen Irish Lake

    Hi. I am very new to Photography after only purchasing my first DSLR in September. Here are a few I took the in the Irish midlands the other day of a lake and surrounding areas when the lough was frozen over,I have cropped and added preset tones in Lightshop 3. As I said I'm only learning so...
  8. Casey78

    Hand Held Night Cityscapes

    Thanks for all the help guys,really appreciate the manner in which you all replied,I have felt really silly on other forums for asking questions as some replies can be very condescending,it would make you think these people were never beginners!
  9. Casey78

    Hand Held Night Cityscapes

    I have a Sony a500 that I have only recently purchased,my first DSLR. So with it I have the 18-55 lens that was supplied with it and I also bought a Minolta 50mm F1.8 off ebay
  10. Casey78

    Hand Held Night Cityscapes

    Thanks lads. I really meant though as regards settings on the DSLR,I am very very new to the world of DSLR's!
  11. Casey78

    Hand Held Night Cityscapes

    I am going on honeymoon in a few weeks to New York and Las Vegas. I have been trying to get tips on the internet/youtube etc on taking hand held night photos with my DSLR when in Vegas/New York. Everywhere I read though the first tip they give is USE A TRIPOD! I don't want to be carrying a...
  12. Casey78

    Minolta lenses

    Hi lads thanks for all the advice. What about this lens? Sony Alpha Minolta 100 - 200 AF Beercan Zoom lens DSLR (item 170520506554 end time 28-Aug-10 16:22:07 BST)
  13. Casey78

    Minolta lenses

    Hi all I just bought a Sony a500 DSLR. I am interested in buying a few different lenses as I really want to throw myself in at the deep end and learn how to use camera properly,I am going to take a few evening classes as well. Just wondered to get me started would it be a good idea to buy...