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  1. BekahAura

    Do I Have RAW File OCD?

    I have been shooting RAW for quite awhile now and I've been converting my NEF (nikon file extension) files to Adobe DNG files. I did this because I was never able to view the Nikon RAW file in Bridge and ACR for whatever reason. So now when I back up my files I save both copies of the RAW...
  2. BekahAura

    Please Help!!! My Photos have disappeared!!!

    I just spent the last 4 hours taking photos of my bird. All I can say right now is luckily I wasn't shooting for a client, but I still want to cry right now. I was checking the photos all along, so I know there were about 100 photos on my memory card. I popped the memory card into my computer...
  3. BekahAura

    Ladybug, Grasshopper, and a Wheat Stalk? C&C

    I was experimenting with my new ring light this past fall, just finally got around to picking out a few I liked and processing them. I know I had the light on for the ladybug and the grasshopper, but I don't think I did for the stalk. Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated!!! (1)...
  4. BekahAura

    My Rear Window Car Ad

    I really thought I was going to be able to make this design a little more... complex... interesting... I don't know. This is going to be a vinyl design that is see through from the inside of my car, so it was suggested that it be high contrast. I figured simple is better. I know a few of you...
  5. BekahAura

    Help Me Pick A Photo For My Ad... Pretty Please =)

    I'm going to design an ad to go across the rear windshield of my car. Could you please help me out by voting on the best choice? Thanks everyone! CLARIFICATION: This is not the ad, these are just the photos I may use in the ad. I haven't designed the ad yet, but I will probably silhouette one...
  6. BekahAura

    Abby A Teeny Tiny Yorkie C&C

    A few of my favorites from my last photo session. What do you think? (1) (2) & (3)
  7. BekahAura

    C&C for my website

    I was wondering if anyone could take the time to look over my website and let me know what you think. I just recently completely reconstructed this site, and I'd love to know of any improvements I can make. Thanks in advance for your time and input! Reflective Photos: Pet Photography and Fine Art
  8. BekahAura

    Pet Photography Brochure C&C

    Hey guys, I have just one more month before I'm launching my Pet Photography business that's been nearly a year and a half in the making. In June I'll have a vendor booth at Woofstock, an annual doggie event that drew over 1400 people last year (too bad I wasn't ready yet it cost half as...
  9. BekahAura

    Technical Question About JPEG Quality Loss

    I know I've read that every time you open and save a JPEG image you lose a little bit of quality... I'm wondering if this goes as far as simply opening the image and closing it without making changes or saving. What about viewing the image in my Windows picture viewer (or whatever it's called)...
  10. BekahAura

    A couple of weird self portraits =P

    A couple of goofy self portraits. I must admit I stole the idea of using my phone from a guy who posted his picture in "The Guys of TPF" thread. I feel a little guilty about that, but I need an avatar that isn't some cartoon fairy. So here's my take on it. I apologize for the crappy quality...
  11. BekahAura

    $1600 Class on the ins and outs of Pet Photography... Worth it?

    I was wondering if any of you have done anything like this before? The class is taught by 3 professional photographers and I've looked at their website and I am in awe of their photographs. It's supposed to cover the shooting indoors and out, marketing and sales, and at the end we get a...
  12. BekahAura

    Is this Abstract? 1 for C&C

    I'm sure many of you will be able to figure out what this is... so my question is can the image still be considered abstract if the subject is recognizable? Please feel free to offer any kind of criticism, any thoughts are appreciated.
  13. BekahAura

    Batch save from Bridge (or ACR?) - Help!

    Hey everyone, I'm new at processing raw files, and so far I'm on my 4th or 5th batch of raw photos. I usually only select a few images to really work on, so I've never had this problem before. Now I'm trying to create an animation and I need to save 70 images as jpegs, and I'm thinking there...
  14. BekahAura

    Problems with photos transfered from PC to MAC

    I have no idea what's going or what I'm doing wrong. All I've been trying to do for the past few days is transfer my photos (mostly JPEG files) from my PC laptop to my new MAC desktop via a usb hard drive. When I open the files on my MAC some of them are the original size I saved them at, while...
  15. BekahAura

    Help with Adobe Bridge and Raw

    I just recently started shooting raw and I noticed that when I open the file up in Bridge it's automatically being converted to 240 px as opposed to 300 px I usually got when I shot JPEG. I'm wondering why this is happening, and I'm a bit agitated because I spent hours retouching one photo and...
  16. BekahAura

    C&C macro shot: feather with water droplets

    I spent hours shooting different feathers, with and without water droplets, and this is one of a few shots that I like the most. I spent a lot of time rearranging my lighting. I have hotshoe flashes and umbrellas, but the reflections from these lights never came out right. I ended up...
  17. BekahAura

    Interview for Assistant Photographer in a studio

    Hey guys! I'm very excited to have a job interview on Monday, but I'm also pretty nervous because I've never worked in a studio before. I do have experience working with small flashes and umbrellas. I've read a lot of David Hobby's blog, which is my main source of education on the topic...
  18. BekahAura

    For my 100th post... could I get a little C&C on this 3-year-old?

    Woo-hoo I'm no longer just moving on up, after this post. Let me introduce you to little Jack, just look at those eyes! Okay I'm posting like I'm on my blog now... Anyway this was the first time I used my father's 85mm 1.8 lens... and I think I was loving the 1.8 a little too much. But I...
  19. BekahAura

    Emotion-jerking Jokes for Portrait Sessions

    I thought I was funny, and I guess I have my moments, but when it comes to strangers I just don't know how to break the ice. I can't have 30 senior photos all with the same fake smile and expect to sell more than one print. I was on the way home from taking pictures of my friend's grandson...
  20. BekahAura

    Should I offer low-rez watermarked images on CDs?

    Ok, I'm finally done with my free photo session & CD portfolio building promotion. Of course now I'm rushing to figure out profitable prices and get them up on my website. I was thinking of offering high resolution images on CD for something like $20 per file. But I was wondering if I should...