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  1. aliaks

    My Atlanta Wedding Photography website

    Thanks for the thread and opportunity! My Atlanta Wedding Photography website DOM FOTO - Atlanta Wedding Photographer Alex Kay A few pics "going to the chapel of love" "the groomsmen" "the blind zone"
  2. aliaks

    VIVA FIFA WC2010!

    Love Football!! or soccer if you wish :) I took this photo during a wedding bridal session in Atlanta last week. Go USA!!
  3. aliaks

    Bridal Getting Ready session

    1:30AM... Just finished playing with some images... Have to share with someone :)
  4. aliaks

    Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    Thanks! Here is a link to my website- Atlanta Wedding Photographer - - Where Memories Live (TM)
  5. aliaks

    Two b/w wedding photos I like

    I'd like to share these two wedding photographs. One of my friends called them "Sopranos-style wedding pictures" :lol: I like that ;)
  6. aliaks

    Paris in BW

    #1 #2 #3
  7. aliaks

    Wedding Confetti

    I took this picture the last Sunday in Atlanta. Just wanted to share the fun and joy. Have a creative April, photographers!
  8. aliaks


    and my favorite shot from london, england
  9. aliaks

    April in Paris

    just wanted to share some shots i took in april in paris