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  1. Propsguy

    Another One of Those Lens Threads

    I have one as well.... payed about $100.00 CDN and it's the best c-note I've ever spent.... super sharp, excellent build quality, extremely precise focus throw, smoothest bokeh on earth, and F2 goodness. I actually sold my Nikon 105 2.8 Micro as a result of that purchase with no regrets.
  2. Propsguy

    What kind of camera straps do you guys like.

    These ones: Home of The Original Camera Sling™
  3. Propsguy

    Sunrise in LA

    Nice shot... I would have mistaken it for a computer rendering.
  4. Propsguy


    I disagree with 71M... keep your iso as low as possible in order to maintain as much detail as possible, and shoot in the mid range of your lens' aperture range for the sharpest focus. The tracks aren't going anywhere, so you can use a long exposure so long as you have a sturdy tripod, but in...
  5. Propsguy

    70-300 vs 80-400

    The autofocus on the 80 - 400 is too slow to make it a worthwhile upgrade. And for the price, the aperture is nothing to write home about either...
  6. Propsguy

    Need Help. Tamron 10-24 or Tokina 11-16?

    Actually it will work on full frame at 16mm with no vignetting....
  7. Propsguy

    Need Help. Tamron 10-24 or Tokina 11-16?

    Find a new camera store.... sounds like a desperate used car salesman trying to dump stock.... The Tokina is a gem of a lens. It's sharp wide open and is excellent for astrophotography.
  8. Propsguy

    Action sport at night question

    Is renting a fast telephoto lens an option for you? Keeping the ISO down and having very fast autofocus are the two main technical challenges, so if you can rent a fast lens like 70 - 200 2.8 or even a 200 2.0 prime would help a great deal. (a good VR system will likely also be of benefit in...
  9. Propsguy

    What the hell is happening to my saturation?

    Could it be related to monitor calibration?
  10. Propsguy

    Lens for product photography

    ... depends on the product and the marketing strategy for that product. I wouldn't recommend the super wide angle for jewelry or the telephoto prime for doll house interiors, but you do have that range covered with this lens selection if you need it.
  11. Propsguy

    Impossible photography?

    Very solid advice from Braineack and KmH. Build a foundation of knowledge and experience and keep building upon that... referencing the end product of other photographers' work provides a long term goal, but it doesn't do your adventure in photography much justice to not create your own...
  12. Propsguy

    Which zoom for kid's sports?

    Except that the OP includes the Nikon 70-200 in the list of potentials.
  13. Propsguy

    Which zoom for kid's sports?

    I second sparky's advice... the 70-300 for indoor basketball won't cut it but will probably be fine for soccer, football, baseball. The autofocus speed of the 70-200VRI will be superior and meet both indoor and outdoor requirements, and the constant aperture is a bonus over the variable...
  14. Propsguy

    Product Shot Pricing.

    $100.00 for the entire shoot? $2.50 / image?... Really?!?!?! You are using your own camera / lenses / lights / modifiers / electricity / fuel / phone / knowledge / software / computer / internet / etc, etc.... right? If your overhead isn't part of your pricing equation, run away from paid...
  15. Propsguy

    Buffalo Trace Distillery

    ... I like the lights... actually wish there was a third one closer to the foreground on the same axis as the two existing ones...
  16. Propsguy

    Suggestions for Camera bags

    I'm a big fan of Thinktank bags... not affiliated with them or anything, but their products are thoughtfully designed, rugged and versatile. I've tried a variety of bags, and find that a dedicated backpack with a laptop pouch is ideal. I don't personally like bags with extra storage as they...
  17. Propsguy

    First reviews for the new Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 are poping up

    Very impressive noise levels at the given ISO... I haven't been able to produce those kind of results with either of my cameras without a ton of post processing, and even then, not as clean as these....
  18. Propsguy

    First reviews for the new Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 are poping up

    I generally get all twitchy inside if I set my ISO above 800... My D700 gets noisy above that, and my D7000 doesn't do very well above 1250 (to my eye)... I have a select few photos at around ISO 2000 that I can live with, but I find any amount of noise annoying in my photos (probably because...
  19. Propsguy

    Alternative Shots

    Alternative to what?
  20. Propsguy

    First reviews for the new Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 are poping up

    But I want a 400 - 800 F2 VRII for $1200.00 RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT!!...