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  1. glun

    Free photography ebook!

    Thank you for all your constructive criticism. I believe everyone has to start somewhere and putting myself out here is one way to learn. Similar to 'learning photography', I never want to stop learning no matter how good I become one day. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions I'll improve the...
  2. glun

    Free photography ebook!

    I'm a regular guy learning photography and sharing my passion online. I am also trying to help whenever they have any photography questions. I recently wrote a small ebook and you can download it for free at my website. You can check it out here and let me know what you think. Many thanks...
  3. glun

    Triggering Yongnuo 560TX with Canon flashes

    I'm planning to buy 2 Yongnuo 560III and the wireless control YN560-TX. I also currently own a Canon 580ExII. Will they all work together wirelessly? Thanks!
  4. glun

    D-Day pictures, then and now

    Great link. This is very dramatic as well makes me remember the movie 'saving private Ryan'
  5. glun

    Photo storage , sharing, and editing

    I can't think of any ONE site that does all these in great reputation (at least what I know of). But I know 3 separate tools that can do these 3 things wonderfully! Storage - For online storage use Carbonite, BackBlaze or Mozy. They cost money but worth it if the photos are your business...
  6. glun

    How to remove flash from eyes

    If you use lightroom there is a red eye correction tool under the develop module.
  7. glun

    Canon ae-1

    I've the exact camera and I really liked it. Depends on what you want to learn there're just too many things to talk about. One thing suggest though is to get a ISO100 film to test out your skills (of course after reading some photography books etc). I got a Fujifilm Superia Reala ISO100 film...
  8. glun

    Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos!

  9. glun

    Howdy from NE GA

    Welcome! I'm from GA as well :)
  10. glun

    Looking for a good durable backpack for my camera gear.

    Try this one VELOCE VII BACKPACK S.W. STILE MB SB390-7SW - Stile | Manfrotto if not try crumpler I really like their style.Crumpler | Backpacks, Camera Bags, Messenger Bags & Laptop Bags
  11. glun

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome Ell!
  12. glun

    Saving in RAW & JPEG

    Usually most people save in RAW only and not RAW+JPEG. This allows you to do post processing much better than JPEG. If you have a 32GB memory card you can take 1k+ shots with RAW only format.
  13. glun

    Greetings from Maine

  14. glun

    Hello from North Carolina

  15. glun

    AF vs Manual - When do YOU use it?

    I use manual when I take landscape photography when my camera is on the tripod. Also I use it group shots after I use autofocus to have an accurate measurement, I turn it off and use remote trigger to take the shot. I found the picture has better quality that way because of less vibration in the...
  16. glun

    Recommended Books on Photography

    Scott Kelby's "The digital photography book" Part 1-4. It helped me a lot.
  17. glun

    New here and need some directing!

    Hi Kris welcome to TPF! What about a Canon T5i? It's great to jumpstart your photography.
  18. glun

    What should I get?

    can you get the 50 1.4 and a macbook :D You can take your photography to the next level that way!
  19. glun

    Can't get clear movement shots!

    I'd suggest shooting in shutter priority mode or even pan with your object. But looks like everyone else already said it :)
  20. glun

    help with group photos

    The main reason I think is your depth of field. You need a higher f stop for the group and you don't need to have all 9 point focus in red before you take the shot (I know this is subjective to many photographers), but as long as the person closest to you is focused and you have a high enough f...