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    Offering low res file for social media sharing

    If going the route of offering a low res image for social media sharing (when a print package is purchased), is the best route to offer it at an additional price or to offer it as an add on? Is it best to offer it with a watermark or without?
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    Posting calibrated photos online?

    I have calibrated my monitor and my prints are coming back great. I do find that now they look quite bright when viewing on my cell phone or other devises. I am wondering if anyone else posts "darker" photos online and has another set of photo files for "print ready"? I thought of doing that but...
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    Calibrating when running two monitors?

    I run two monitors. One old cheap one that uses a VGA cord.... awful colors. I honestly can't see it even calibrating correctly. That is my "persona screen' that I use for doing my personal stuff And than I have my more expensive "photography monitor". I want to calibrate the photography...
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    Calibration tools

    I have tried two different Spyder calibration tools in the past (I got a "better" one after having issues with my first one... but only with the same results). I had no end of problems. The two main ones were that I would run a calibration and the whole screen would go the wrong color (like a...
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    Does flash zoom use more battery

    Obviously the 1/1 uses more battery than the ... say 1/64 speed. But I am wondering if the zoom feature of my new flash (a feature new to me) also takes more battery and heats up the flash more quickly?
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    Shutter Trigger

    I have been using my Yongnuo 605C as a wireless flash trigger for sometime. At times I would separately use it as a remote shutter release. Last week I started doing both at the same time (remote shutter release and a flash trigger at the same time because my flash has a build in receiver). It...
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    Prints verses digital files

    I am wondering how much more you generally price digital files over print. As I move more into print I am realizing that pricing my digital files as cheaper than my prints defeats the purpose and am wondering how much it is recommended to up the digitals to encourage print orders...
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    Digital proofs.... but how to avoid theft?

    I want to start using online proofs, with a password protected page on my site for that client. But in this day and age even with a low res file, they can screenshot and use it for social media. How is the best way to use proofs online? Does one put a big watermark across it? That doesn't sound...
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    Using photos on Instagram

    I have been hired locally for a business in town for a few years now. I have done a variety of work for them, including photos that they have used for advertisements, fundraisers, etc. Some of my work they have printed off into quite large advertisements, one which was printed onto a canvas of...
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    Overkill for equipment ?

    My last 2 events I photographed had good results. I brought my flash on a lightstand with a soft box. The first time I did this was because it was an indoor event in a dark "candle lit" atmosphere. There was simply no other way to get results that would meet the bar I have set for myself in that...
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    Small event photos

    Hi, I am wondering about a little dilemma I have. I recently did a small event (about 25 people) and you know how it goes... you take photos of people and the subjects of the photos are anxiously waiting to see them. However there were a few photos of certain individuals that I just didn't feel...
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    Camera rotates when in portrait position on tripod

    Is this a common issue or could I be setting it up wrong?
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    Optical Trigger question

    On this forum I recently learned abit about optical triggers. I currently have a 2 piece receiver/transmitter set. I want to add a 3rd flash. Can I can any cheapo flash that is compatible with my camera, throw an optical trigger on, and my transmitter will pick it up? Just wondering if that is...
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    Wireless ETTL

    I have found an Yongnuo YN685 E-TTL Speedlite Flash that says it is compatible with my current Yongnuo wireless flash trigger set. I have not used one of these before but does this mean that I can use my old flash on the wireless trigger set (just like I always have) and than use this one on...
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    Remote Trigger question

    I currently have this trigger Will it work with any TTL flash or where do I look for this information?
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    Looking for a better mount for my flash

    I currently have this one: It is nice but the problem is that the umbrella softbox I have, has the handle sticking out the back (it inserts into the hole below where I put the flash trigger and than I put the flash on top of the trigger). I would like a more compact system where the softbox...
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    Cheapest possible "second light"

    Doing a photo booth and I have an off camera flash with softbox and lightstand that I am very comfortable using and I think will work well as my key light. I am doing a photobooth and want the cheapest possible light as a second light. The issue I am having is that I will need something to run...
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    Photo booth question

    I am doing an event and feel pretty comfortable with it all expect the photo booth portion. The photo booth will be in a small area, during a busy event, and I will bring my own lighting. I have one light with an umbrella style softbox, a lightstand that goes 8.5 feet tall, a reflector and a...
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    Lighting at a local Comic Con

    I have been asked to do the photos for my local Comic Con. Whenever I do events I have always brought my flash on a lightstand with my umbrella softbox. Nice and portable and gives great off camera light. Has anyone done work at a Comic Con before? I am abit worried about the crowds and if it...
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    Macro lens advise needed

    I was going to get the Canon 100 2.8 macro, but it is abit over my price range. I am looking for something sharp and great quality. Hopefully Canon but I am also open to a third party lens. I am lost with what to get and uncertain about choosing because I don't want something subpar.