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    Which of Two Do You Like More

    Which do you like more and Why... #1 Canon EOS 7D / Canon 70-200 “L” Focal - 200 mm 1/1250 - f/8 ISO - 400 Metering Mode - multi spot (3) JPEG Quality Exposure Program - aperture priority (3) Focus Distance - 1.39 m #2
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    Beach Photo Shoot C + C

    It's soft, but I like it. It has redeeming factors. I would keep it even if it were not the sharpest example I had. Beautiful model and well posed. Successful compoosition. Consider re-prosessing the original but with selective softening and don't soften the eyes and lips. I like how...
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    The Lake

    I would like your comments and advice on this image, please. Thanks
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    What Don't You Like About This Photo?

    ThanX, everyone for your advice. I was actually going for smoke rather than fog when I did the post edits. Cheers
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    What Don't You Like About This Photo?

    Reposted in error. Sorry!
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    What Don't You Like About This Photo?

    What would you remove from or how would you change this photo..
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    I appreciate the use of triangle composition. I like the bokeh and exposure of an unspectacular subject. You did good.:thumbup:
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    Bad-A$$ Little Cat

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    The mohawk gurl

    Very good night capture. The girl with the mohawk haircut is an asset to the image. I would be interrested in your settings. This is one of the technically better night captures. You did well.
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    Here Come Da Judge

    Here comes the judge! Ever byedy rise
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    Our new member of the family

    Adorable kitten. Nice photos, too.
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    Our two cats

    Ditto! The 2nd looks like an American Short Hair.
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    Are You My Momma?

    My thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.
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    Watching HD TV

    LaFoto, thanks for sharing. You captured a righteous moment of your cat. Nearly any photo you can get of a kitten is neat regardless of what it is doing. They're just so comical with so many comical antics.
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    Watching HD TV

    Everyone, thanks for taking the time to comment. xtort, That's not really a carpet. The cat is peeking out from the safety of his catbed/den/lair thingie. LonelyTraveler, These American Short-hair kittens are very common in commercial cat portraiture. The black "M" on the face is one of...
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    Watching HD TV

    C&C, Please. 2.5 month-old kitten watching "The Lions of Kenya" on HD TV (National Geographic). Canon 20D 70-200 "L" f/4 Manual settings 1/60 f'4 Sunpak 522 bounced flashes for main and fill
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    Are You My Momma?

    2.5-month-old American Short Hair Kitten watching HD TV Canon 20D 70-200 "L" f/4 1/60 at F-4 Manual Setting Bounced Flashes
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    Take This Job and Shove It!

    Boss! Give me my own secretary or I QUIT! I totally cannot work like this!
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    Oh, Yea! He is so busted!
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    Believe Me When I Tell You....

    Patrish, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm flattered that you liked the images. The "Mouser" was created in photoshop. The original is in a sense "original as is". The only post processing was what was available in the RAW conversion process. Cheers