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    WTS: Canon EOS 5D

    Mint condition, original owner - used this as a backup to primary camera. Rarely used - very low actuation. The body is flawless and comes with a Giotto glass LCD protector. Comes with everything in the picture, plus the battery (forgot to put it in the pic). $1,500 cash
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    Mount Whitney

    2-day hike via Whitney Portal. Had a couple of great shots of the hut at the summit, but too many people at the summit changed the look of the shot. Sunrise over Trail Camp Thunderstorms Leaving Whitney
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    Downtown San Diego

    Don't get your panties in a bunch Marcus... I was a bit rude. :hugs:
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    Downtown San Diego

    What Photobucket?? Are you talking about the one with about 18 pictures including a pen? If so, you're really grabbing at straws man.. lmao.
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    Downtown San Diego

    There is nothing to add - the picture is horrible. All of you want to dance around the issues and praise mediocrity.
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    Downtown San Diego

    I don't have a Photobucket site so I'm not sure what you are referring to.
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    Please Help!

    Take a trip to anywhere in Africa besides the South... ignorance is bliss, aint it?
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    Downtown San Diego

    The picure is devoid of freshness and originality. Your comments are disingenous and add zero value to someone who is attempting to increase their skill in photography.
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    Downtown San Diego

    This looks like it was snapped from a water soaked $10 dollar 7-11 camera. Adding the tags is pointless. Edit: After much thought, did you take this through a periscope?
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    Jump if you want, I'm using the lifeboats!

    I don’t like the title - it forms an impression and that should be up to the viewer. It's like when I hear an artist’s reasoning for coming up with a song, I am usually disappointed since I thought of something totally different. Looking back at the photo, I could picture these...
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    portrait of a girl.

    First thing I look at are the eyes. You could spend a lot of time in Photoshop correcting the problem, but I think it would be better to take new pictures with better lighting. If you get her eyes to pop, this would be a winner.
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    my GF on the Swings.

    It's fun to figure out whats going on in pictures, but this one leaves the mind to wander a little too much.
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    Building Destruction

    Interesting shot - is this processed?
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    Red Dragon Fly...

    Very nice.
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    Please Help!

    I guess one would say the same thing if they were shooting in Africa?
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    Father & son

    I think you can take pictures of anyone in public if there is a responable expectation that is a public place. This looks like a street so I would assume it's safe. Unless you are referring to a rule with this forum, and to that, I am not aware.
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    the audience.

    Work of art!
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    Santa Monica - tunnel lapse

    It's been a few days since I was last on and i'm glad to see the comments. Thanks for the input, makes me want to go out again tonight!
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    Santa Monica - tunnel lapse

    I think the trail of the brake light going to the right lessons the impact of the shot.
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    Venice, CA

    It's not my shadow, its another palm tree. Back to the drawing board I guess!