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    iPod camera remote?

    I've recently started shooting with my D80 tethered to my macbook. I see that there are a few ipod/iphone camera remotes available. Has anyone used any of them? Im mostly interested in the Mug Nikon Ilive as featured in the itunes store, but there are no reviews for it. I wish i knew...
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    C & C shot a train

    Any thoughts?
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    How to calculate DOF distances?

    There's an app for that.
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    Nikkor 55 mm micro 2.8

    what is it good for?
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    Running out of room in my camera bag

    Thanks for the input, it is a big help. I have been keeping the bags in the bag, and it wastes a lot of time and space. I think if i get rid of the pouches I can find a little more space. After that I will need a new bag. Thanks again.
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    Running out of room in my camera bag

    When filling your camera bag, do you keep the individual pouches for each item, or not. For example, do you put the flash in he pouch, then into the bag, or leave the pouches at home? Thanks
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    I'm dumb. Don't do this noobs.

    You're probably right, I mean you know the guy and I don't. Maybe if he any any sense he would have noticed that one print was totally different than the rest and asked if that was how you wanted it. Maybe he was a real asshole and noticed, but did not say anything on purpose.
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    I'm dumb. Don't do this noobs.

    Yeah, he's the asshole
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    Everyone thinks they can be a pro! (RANT)

    His confession alone is enough probable cause for an arrest, but I'm sure no one is searching this forum to make the trespassing arrest of the century. We may as well see the cool picture.
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    AF Micro Nikkor

    I just came across a Nikon F4 35 mm film camera, a Micro Nikkor 55 mm, 1:2.8 lens and a 20 mm 1:2.8. I would like to use the lenses with my Nikon D80. Is either lens worth using with the D80? I also got a Nikkor ED 80 - 200 mm 1:2.8 D lens in the package.
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    Everyone thinks they can be a pro! (RANT)

    So the D3 is a big waste of money, when someone could just use an F2; or an F for that matter, or even an FS?
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    Everyone thinks they can be a pro! (RANT)

    So a you can't be a "pro" with a D40, but with a 1965 P.O.S. you can? Now it all makes sense.
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    D80 tethered with aperture.

    Any one do any work tethered to a mac with Aperture? Any information would be helpful.
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    Pro with D40

    good point kegger.
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    Pro with D40

    Thanks for the input, dude.
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    Pro with D40

    Say you want to hire someone for a job, like a dinner party, dance, even a wedding; when you meet the guy, he has a D40, SB whatever, and maybe a few lenses. Do you keep him? Why not?
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    Pro with D40

    Why not hire a pro with a D40?
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    I really don't think I could be any more proud...

    That's great. I just gave my three year old daughter her first Hello Kitty camera this summer. She really loves taking pictures; she's a natural.