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  1. Samriel

    Aperture Rings - gone for good?

    I'm a fairly "new" photographer, but I regret that I won't be able to use newer Nikon lenses on my F-501, which I'm growing very fond of. I'd even be willing to pay extra for the aperture ring and DoF scale, though I don't believe it to be so much more expensive to produce.
  2. Samriel

    Good Zoom Lens for $300-$400???

    A 50mm F1.8 is around USD100, you could then try and get a 55-200mm (new or used) for the rest.
  3. Samriel

    Good Zoom Lens for $300-$400???

    If you're into portraits, you might also want to get the Canon 50mm F1.8, aka nifty-fifty together with the super-zoom lens. Good luck!
  4. Samriel

    If you had $30,000 to spend...

    I'd get myself into the alternative processes that I really want to try: photogravure and daguerretype. Workshops tend to be quite costly - around $700 - $1200. Then I'd get all the necessary photographic and darkroom equipment necessary for it, as well a decent studio setup and enjoy shooting...
  5. Samriel

    Top contron panel - what for?

    After using a camera with a top screen, I just can't use cameras without them - looking at the back LCD seems to take too much time, and it does suck a lot of battery life.
  6. Samriel

    What would be more important to you?

    Either a flash or a 50mm F1.4 or similar large aperture prime lens (35mm F2 etc) in the price range. I have an old 70-210mm lens, and I almost never use it. But as you said, it completely depends on what you're shooting.
  7. Samriel

    Who is akiba?

    Akiba is a common name is Japan, so there might be photographer called Akiba, although I'm not familiar with him. Better check the name once more and search the net again.
  8. Samriel

    Are these pics "Phography" or Art?

    Photography can be art, but not every photograph is art, or is even trying to be. If you are using your photographs as means of artistic expression, then YOUR interpretation is what's most important. Maybe it's not going to be called photography, maybe it's going to be called "an art piece made...
  9. Samriel

    Is a 50mm and 10-20mm enough?

    For wide angle I'd suggest either the Sigma 10-20mm you already mentioned or the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. If you're on budget, the 50mm F1.8 is a good lens to have. As somebody already mentioned, a 17-50mm F2.8 (Sigma or Tamron) standard zoom will give you more options, but it does cost more than...
  10. Samriel

    nikon 18-55 vr lens or nikon 18-200 vr lens?

    I don't think the 18-200mm is going to be much better in low light, although the VRII will give it a slight edge over the 18-55mm.
  11. Samriel

    nikon 18-55 vr lens or nikon 18-200 vr lens?

    I completely agree, and apologize if my previous post was somewhat misleading. As mentioned, superzooms are very versatile and practical, especially when size and space is a problem. I'd still suggest you get a third party (Sigma or Tamron) 17-50mm F2.8 unless you really want to save space by...
  12. Samriel

    nikon 18-55 vr lens or nikon 18-200 vr lens?

    Obviously not the year that technology has evolved enough that a lens with a zoom ration of over 10 is optically superior to the one with a zoom ratio of 3. I'd say you should go for either the 18-55mm, or get a a good third party lens, like the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 Macro, or Tamron 17-50mm F2.8...
  13. Samriel

    Would love some CC

    I like the composition of the second one the most (might need some horizontal leveling though). Somehow I feel the third dimension ruins it in the other photographs, although the first one would be more interesting if there was no staircase to the far right, and the staircase on the left was...
  14. Samriel

    So, what other ...

    Large Format Photography Forum, Azo Forum, APUG Why: Meets my large format photography and darkroom information needs.
  15. Samriel


    Depending on the reason for the conversion, a film scanner might be a better option. Won't let you see the results immediately though...
  16. Samriel

    Focal length and full sensor vrs.crop sensor

    Since the FOV of 50mm on APS-C is equivalent to ~85mm FF, you need more distance to the subject to get the same shot, therefore the perspective is not the same, and that's why people like the the 50mm for portraiture on APS-C, not because "it sees like the "the natural eye sees".
  17. Samriel

    Compositional Rules?

    I found this book to be a very good introduction to composition in photography, covering all the basics. Many people say that there are no rules (and in the sense of "rules = limitations", they are right), but when you see or make a photograph that is good, it amazing how it often turns out to...
  18. Samriel

    Can I steal your image?

    I agree that this situation is highly hypothetical, but the point was not how many people could actually do it or not, or how perfect the copy would be. The point was to represent the "digital problem" in an "analog" way, because with digital imaging a) many people have the technology and...
  19. Samriel

    Can I steal your image?

    I didn't read the whole thread in detail, but it seems interesting, so I'll join in. Hmm, but how about if you invite him to your house, and he takes a perfect photographic copy of your photograph, allowing him to make a perfect copy (let's assume he has the sufficient skills and equipment to...
  20. Samriel

    What Nikon D80 offer is better in your opinion?

    If you could spare the extra cash, the D90 is an investment worth and extra USD300. Here is the lens kit, and here's the body only. If you'd get the body only, you could get some older or used lenses to compensate for the price difference. Of the two kits you mention, I'd go for the second one...