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    Model Lisa - Porche GT1

    isnt that a GT2?.. but nice colors like the red
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    Abandoned Building (series)

    6,9,10,and 11 are the ones that are working for me, good job
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    Random variety of fav shots

    Colors in the first one are wonderful! I would have to say the 2nd one is my favorite!
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    Pushin' It

    you did a really good job capturing the texture giving that mosaic feel.. great job
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    Doll shoot

    looking at them further the 1st one seems out of place because you can see the top of the jar. And thanks for the comments!
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    motorcyle shoot

    I like them! I would have to say #4 is my favorite.
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    Doll shoot

    some abstract shots playing around with barbie underwater.. let me know what you think
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    Shake it All Out

    I love it!! looks like he had a good swim!
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    La Louvre, etc (3 shots from 3 years ago)

    Number 2 draws my eye the most.. it has a nice symmetry to it. Good Job :)
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    Nammasj and Gådoktjåhkkå (II) and the Rapa

    AWESOME! the formations are beautiful!
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    I agree it could be a bit sharper.. but I love the clouds and lines that are created between the dock, the canoe, horizon line and the clouds. Good job I like it a lot!
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    Sign my Guestbook.

    I am definitely liking #1.. nice use of color in the mans shirt, it really draws the eye
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    visual flavors

    I like it a lot! How did you get that angle of the liquid with the ripples on the strawberry?
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    WTB: Nikkor 50mm 1.8D & SB 600 flash

    I am sooo interested in both!!! PLEASE let me know if it is still available
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    I love all these pictures! here are some of my boys, and a friends colt..
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    Need editing help please

    I dont know how to post it so its bigger.. if you have any suggestions on how to post it let me know. Thanks I am kinda new to this forum thing :)
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    Need editing help please

    My boyfriend and I took a shot at it.. let me know what you think
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    I love that yours says "Will work for a Klondike bar".... love it