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    Light Experiment

    Hi everyone I am experimenting with light painting as you can see below :) . I was wondering if someone could recommend specific light source that performs better than other, and ISO recommended for this type of photography. Attached pictures are made with LED light. Thank you in advance .
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    thanks guys.. i wasnt impressed with shoots either ,just needee to hear more opinions :) thanks a lot
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    no one ? :(
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    Thanks guys! i found one more ...
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    i washed my car today and got idea to snap few photos :) ... any c&c are welcome . second pic have some ps afterglow . thanks in advance
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    not photography..pure photoshop C&C

    Hi everyone ! I would like to apologize in advance ... i am posting my new work for c&c which is made 100 in ps.. I really appreciated if i can get some comments on... just discovered new technique and i would like to hear from you ...original are much bigger and detailed :)
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    house on a hill: c&c

    doesn't do much for me . sorry btw it's a nice house
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    #3 is money shot!
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    Pro in Serbia...

    i was born is serbia ! good shoots bud .... pozdrav!
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    simple love...

    please be my guest... fell free to crop
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    Blizzard of 2011

    wow!!! 82F this morning in Florida!
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    simple love...

    hi everyone! i would like to hear what you guys (and girls) think about this one. my friend moved her hand a millisecond before shutter opened and her elbow got cut. i am wondering what you woulddo to fix that. and also any c&c are welcome... thanks in advance
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    Danger C&C

    nice ! i would crop a pic. just a little above last really dense clouds. gives you more dramatic look...overall great shot,i like it
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    last try to save this one ...

    recovered from recycle bin ...posted couple days and and apparently was really strong halo around bird (i couldn't see anything on my screen). this is my last try to save this one. it's also cropped (about 1/3 ). thanks in advance ! :thumbup:
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    one from recycle bin...

    thanks guys ..halos, really. on my screen looks fine .i'll need to check work comp...
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    one from recycle bin...

    almost deleted this one... did some shadows/highlights and exp.correction. i would like to hear your opinions (if any) .. thanks in advance
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    spontaneous one... C&C

    seriousness of his dad's face... i think that looks more solid in b&w. reminds me on Tony Montana a little :)
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    spontaneous one... C&C

    I helped my cousin moving... my brother in law, passed out next to his father. any c&c are welcome :thumbup:
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    C&C of course,and one silly question. i would like to know what kind of emotions (if any) you experienced looking at this picture . i am conducting a little experiment. thanks in advance ....
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    banana spider....

    Yeah, i tried to change angle but didnt help...