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    Sunday Drive. C&C welcome

    Went for a Drive yesterday to see what we could find. Rakaia Gorge.jpg by alimac1, on Flickr Rakaia Gorge.jpg by alimac1, on Flickr Cold and abandoned.jpg by alimac1, on Flickr Blackhill Range.jpg by alimac1, on Flickr
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    Piwakawaka.jpg by alimac1, on Flickr
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    Sunset from NZ

    Sunset over the East Coast of NZ's South Island. What do people think?
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    New from New Zealand

    Hi Everybody. Al here from the South Island of NZ. Thought I'd join up and see what I can learn and contribute. I'm just really starting out again after a long time away from serious photography. Joined a small local camera club recently, and got myself a decent camera.