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  1. TimothyJinx

    Snowy Pond

    I hate winter and I hate snow. I'm so ready for some heat! But here's a winter landscape shot anyway...
  2. TimothyJinx

    Seamless Background Mounting Kit Question

    I've been using the basic two stands and crossbar system for a while now. It works and it's fine. But it's a real pain to swap rolls during a shoot. So I'm considering the following kit or something similar: Impact Wall Mounting Kit for Holding Three Seamless BGDS-K3 B&H My issue however, is...
  3. TimothyJinx


    I haven't been here in a while so I thought I would drop by and see what was going on. I've mostly been doing infant portraits and architectural photography this winter. But here is one from a senior session I did a little while back. Yeah, I know it's a tight crop - that's me and it's what I...
  4. TimothyJinx

    It's Cowboy Day

    For some reason it's cowboy day at preschool and this is what my wife put together for our grandson.
  5. TimothyJinx


    I have way too much fun making fun of my grandson.
  6. TimothyJinx

    Anyone wanna go on vacation with me?

    I'm driving!
  7. TimothyJinx

    Is it considered still life...

    ...if the fruit is fake?
  8. TimothyJinx

    Finally Getting a 5D Mark III

    I told myself, if I can sell one of my 7D's and an unused video camera, I would go ahead and buy the 5D. Well, my 7D sold after about 30 minutes on eBay and I've got two offers for the video camera. So, in the morning I will be visiting the local camera shop and upgrading! The only downside is I...
  9. TimothyJinx

    Little Porcelain Doll

    The little girl is wearing the same dress her mom wore for her 2 year pictures. She was just a sweetheart and I instantly fell in love (with the little girl, not the mom). I have a bunch of shots of her giving me a big smile but this one stood out for some reason - there's just something about...
  10. TimothyJinx

    I should have been more specific...

    ...when I asked her if she would sit on the stool.
  11. TimothyJinx

    Ceiling fan

    Shot this in a mansion museum here locally. Thought it turned out to be interesting.
  12. TimothyJinx


    My wife and I visited Historic Locust Grove today, a Louisville historical site. Welcome to Locust Grove in Louisville, Kentucky. Learn about early Kentucky History and Life Here is a workbench in an old shed I thought was interesting.
  13. TimothyJinx

    The Gate

    This is the entrance to the garden at the Henry Clay estate in Lexington. It's a beautiful place!
  14. TimothyJinx

    Versailles Castle

    When driving to Lexington from Louisville you can cut through Versailles, which is beautiful horse country. Well, right in the middle of all of these beautiful fields, farms and horse barns is this big castle. I'm not sure if this is true but this is the story I've heard. In 1968, a couple...
  15. TimothyJinx

    Finally Ordered a Tripod...

    I have been researching and trying to figure out the best tripod for me. I've been using a cheap, plastic pan/tilt one and it has cost me more than a few shots. So, I bit the bullet and ordered a Really Right Stuff TVC 24L with BH-40 ball head. I also sprung for the L-bracket. UPS says it will...
  16. TimothyJinx

    Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing

    There is a little historic site a couple of miles from my mom's house, right next to the Ohio river - It's a 19th century farmhouse. I had always heard of it but I never gave it a thought. I had some free time today so I thought I would go get a few pictures. My initial plan was to get some...
  17. TimothyJinx

    Nik Collection Problem

    Ok, so I use the Nik collection every day - I bought it back in early March. Suddenly, today, it pops up and says my trial period has expired. I contact Google support and they had me collect a bunch of info from my machine and send it to them. No response back as of yet. It's killing me to not...
  18. TimothyJinx

    A Few From Clearwater Beach

    I had to go to Tampa on business for a couple of days. My wife came along with me as we thought we might have some time to get out and see some sights. Well, both days the meetings went long so we had almost no time for fun. But the second night we decided to just go relax on a beach somewhere...
  19. TimothyJinx

    Heading to Tampa...

    ...on business. Never been there before. I'll have a little free time so I wondered if anyone knew of any interesting places to shoot some photos?
  20. TimothyJinx

    Classic Cars

    I'm really enjoying attending these car shows lately! 1. 2. 3. 4.