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    How Bad is Continuous Focus on EM10 Mark II?

    I am thinking of getting back into m4/3 system. I have been reading about the EM10 Mark II and I know fast continuous autofocus is not its strong point. I am just curious about how you guys find it in real use for street photography? I am not planning to use it for sports but I will be using...
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    Issues with shooting with my current system

    I recently volunteered to take photos at a small concert where most of the music played are acoustic guitars and vocals or piano and vocals. I took pictures with my A6000 and the pictures turned out decent. But the issue was, I felt like every time I click the shutter, the shutter noise is so...
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    Which System to Invest In?

    I currently own two mirrorless "systems". 1) Olympus E-PL2 with 2 kit lenses and a Sigma DN 19mm f/2.8 2) Sony A6000 with kit PZ 16-50mm and a few Minolta MC/MD lenses My question is not so much with which specific camera would be better, but rather, if you have a fresh start, would you...
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    Help with setting up studio lighting for portraits in small space

    I am going to move into a 560 sq ft. (yes that's right) soon and I want to set up studio lighting for basic portraits so that I can learn to use lighting and modifiers all that fun stuff. Being a small space, I am planning to use the living room and just move the sofa and coffee table out of...
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    Future of DX and Buying Lenses

    I used to own a D80 with a few lenses. A few years ago, I sold them all as a package after coming back from a week in Paris and never took it out of my camera bag. I used my LX5 instead the whole trip. I then went into M4/3 with a couple of kit lens and a cheap Sigma prime on a GF2 and a...
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    Lightroom 4 and Laptop Specs

    I recently bought Lightroom 4 and put it on my Windows laptop. My laptop has an AMD Athlon II P320 Dual-Core CPU (PassMark CPU Lookup), 4GB of RAM and onboard graphics. After using it a few times to edit RAW files and batch exporting, I find that my laptop really works hard but it’s just too...
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    Help with using a Nikon F to Micro 4/3 Lens Adaptor

    I recently purchased a cheap ebay Nikon F to Micro 4/3 lens adaptor for my E-PL2. This is the first time I am using an adaptor and I need some newbie instructions. I understand that I will need to manual focus. I have one of those adaptors that has an aperture control ring. Of course I...
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    1st Time

    This is the very first time I am posting a photo up on the internet for critique so please take it easy on me! ;) Uploaded with
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    Trying to post a photo

    Let's see if this works.... Uploaded with