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    Dual Dell U221h Calibration Brightness Question

    Hi All, I have a pair of Dell U2211h's that are calibrated with the xrite i1. The problem I have is that the monitors -- when set to the calibrated setttings -- are not as bright as I'd like them to be. I checked the calibration and it's "fine". But for everyday viewing (e.g. when I'm not...
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    Finding Photography for Legal Use in Website Templates

    Hi, My company is a web development/SEO firm and I'm considering expanding into the Wordpress theme market. Clearly if I'm going to be reselling Wordpress themes I will need to find photography for these themes that I can legally use for this purpose. I use iStockphoto for my personal needs...
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    Food Photos - Can't Focus on the "Front" Chicken Nuggets

    I'm trying to take a picture of these chicken nuggets (long story) with the front nuggets in focus, but with the rest out of focus. I'm using a tripod with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a 430EX II, and no matter how much I change the aperture, I can't seem to get a shot with the "front" nuggets in...
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    50mm as Replacement for 18-55 Kit Lens?

    I purchased the canon 50mm 1.8 lens and I like it. Playing with this lens now for a bit I really don't see a need to put my 18-55mm kit lens back on. Am I missing anything by keeping the 50mm on (for shooting in that range, of course). Thanks
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    New 430EX II User Question

    So I took the plunge and graduated from built in flash on my Rebel XTi to the 430 EX II. I've been playing around with the flash but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly or to it's potential. I've read the manual but with little success, and I've experimented playing with shots and the...
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    Included Monitor ICC Profile vs Custom Monitor Profile

    Hi, What is the limitation of using the manufacturer's ICC profile that comes with a monitor? Does a hardware based solution simply act to do a much better job of creating a profile for your montior? Thanks.
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    Aperture. Lenses and Sharpness - Beginner Question

    I've read that the sharpest photos that can be taken from a lens are generally two f-stops down from wide open. If this is the case, then why are lenses that have a fixed aperture over the course of the focal length so valuable? Thanks!
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    Please Help! -- Wide Black Line in images - digital rebel xti

    The title says it all. All of a sudden I looked at some of my pictures and now I see a wide diagonal black line on practically all of my images. I swapped out my lenses and nothing changed, which leads me to believe that it's the camera/sensor somehow. I've posted an image to show you what I...
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    Free Dental Screening - NYC Area - Please look

    Hello fellow photo folks, In addition to being a (very) amateur photographer, I'm also a licensed dentist in NY. I'm taking a board exam in the next few weeks and I am screening patients who qualify for the exam for free (the board requires two specific types of fillings and a localized deep...
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    Universal Metadata? Software independent metadata?

    Hi, My current workflow involves converting my .cr2 files to .dng, bringing them into bridge, and editing in Photoshop CS3. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get bridge to save my metadata to the .dng files. My big picture concern is that one day if I decide to move to lightroom...
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    Expression Media 2 - Headed for Retirement?

    Are people still continuing to use Expression Media 2 considering now that Phase One has taken it over from MS? I've seen a lot of great writeups about it but now that its future seems in jeopardy I was wondering what people are doing. And what is a good alternative to EM2? Or are...
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    Anyone Archiving to .iso

    I'm just curious...does anyone out there create .iso images and then burn the l .iso images to dvd for storage, or are most people burning the actual files to DVD? [i.e. take many large folders with images -> create .iso image of these folders and files -> save the .iso image to DVD -- NOT...
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    Digital Workflow Examples?

    Can anyone suggest a resource where I could browse some digital workflow examples??? - and charts or tree diagrams would be great if possible. I generally understand the purpose of programs such as picasa, elements, lightroom, ps (+/- acr) and what they can and cannot do. But what I don't...
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    RAW and Photoshop Workflow

    Is the RAW processing supposed to be the bulk of your work before photoshop? I mean why would you do all this work in RAW and then go into PS to seemingly do a lot of it over again? It seems to me (and again I have zero experience with this so this is still conceptual for me) the same concept...
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    What's This Called: Remove an Artifact from a Photo and put in the background

    Hi, I'm not sure what's this process is called (so I can't ask how to do it yet) but I will try to describe it. In the very bad photo below (which I took purposely for this example in 2 seconds so please don't spend time commenting on it), I want to remove the green hose and replace it with the...
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    How to take a picture of a child blowing out birthday candles

    Hi, Can anyone recommend the proper settings I could use (ballpark) to take a picture of child blowing out birthday candles in a dark room? I don't know if I should use settings to vary the aperture because of the light, or worry about shutter speed because blowing out candles is "in motion"...
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    Store Photos on Server - Check In, Check Out

    Can anyone recommend software (or a system) to manage an environment where multiple users can access digital images stored on a server (a server in the sense of "main computer" -- not "Windows Server" in the literal sense)? Clearly I can a setup a box where I store all of the images in the...
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    Lightroom and CS3 Soft Proofing

    If professionals photographers are using LR to manage photos and then heading to photoshop to soft proof, doesn't any adjusting done in photoshop to make the soft proof look correct "override" what was just done in lightroom?
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    Newbie: Photoshop and Soft Proofing

    So I went to as advised and I setup their ICC profiles under the custom setting as instructed by their PDF (and I have my monitor calibrated). I then duplicated the image in photoshop and did a split screen. On the left I had my original image and on the right I had the duplicate. To...
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    More Beginner ICC Profile Questions

    To clarify: 1. Is the end goal of software and hardware calibration of a monitor to generate a custom ICC profile for the device? 2. And once you've installed the ICC profile, it is safe to assume that all profile-aware software will "know" to use it? Once I've installed the profile in my...