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  1. mjcmt

    Nikon Zf-c retro style camera shipping in July

    Maybe not everyones cup of tea, but I'm interested in reading reviews of this crop sensor retro style camera. I think it would be a very nice compact carry around camera w/ a small prime or 16-50DX lens for street and vacations, and a direct competition to Fuji offerings. I kind of like this as...
  2. mjcmt

    Sharp's smartphone, 20MP 1-inch sensor, Leica-branded Summicron lens
  3. mjcmt

    Which one do you like best?

    B/W or color?
  4. mjcmt

    Pegged Timber

  5. mjcmt

    Cherry blossoms in our hood.

    Not great photos but it was fun to see on our walk, plus the wind was blowing off the blossoms. So I went home and grabbed my camera to take a few snap shots. Huntersville, NC - March 28th Shot at 24mm and 180mm.
  6. mjcmt

    Wamplers Lake, MI

    Digging around my files I came across photos I took in 2011 w/ a Canon G10 compact camera that I never did anything with. Here's 2 shots I thought to processed as B/W images.
  7. mjcmt

    What causes these artifacts in the sky

    What causes these rings in the sky? I finally got around to doing a b/w where it's most noticeable. Is it the lens? Shot w/ noise Canon G-10 Powershot compact camera. Carolina Beach, NC 2009
  8. mjcmt

    Sea Gulls

    I was digging around my archives of digital photos on my computer and came across these sea gull photo from Port Fisher, NC in 2009. Shot with a Canon G10 compact camera.
  9. mjcmt

    Is the Nikkor 70-200 f4 really worth it?

    I've been thinking of purchasing this lens because of it's internal zoom, moderately fast glass, and reasonable weight and size to replace/supplement my 180mm f2.8 ED-IF prime on a D750 full frame camera. I've been toying with it for some time now, never being able to pull the trigger on one...
  10. mjcmt

    Nikon 180mm f2.8 EDIF or 70-200 f4 AFS

    I have a 180mm f2.8 EDIF AF lens and I'm thinking of selling it for a slower but more versatile 80-200 f4 AF-S lens. What do you think?
  11. mjcmt

    Photo Printer suggestions?

    I'm looking for the best photo printer for $350-$600 for 13 x 19 paper. I'll be printing mostly B&W photos. The Canon Pixma Pro-200 for $600 looks good. Anything else you can recommend for less.
  12. mjcmt

    Southern red clay

    Lake Norman, NC
  13. mjcmt

    Christmas gift from my loving wife

    She bought me the Cotton Carrier Skout shoulder sling quick release system to carry my camera when we go on nature hikes. I only take one prime lens and body on hikes so this will keep my camera from bouncing around w/ just the camera strap. I much appreciate this thoughtful gift. Camera Sling...
  14. mjcmt

    A Dog's Life

  15. mjcmt

    Granny at Night (w/ family)

  16. mjcmt


    Hands carving Tile cutter
  17. mjcmt

    New Nikkor lens coming.

    I just purchased a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED lens w/ box off ebay. It is supposed to be mint and I'm praying it is. I saved $150 vs. a new one I was going to purchase. I'm hoping it works out. I'll be posting photos after it arrives. This is to replace my aging manual focus Nikkor 35mm...
  18. mjcmt

    Could this be the camera of the future?

    Zeiss ZX-1 looks impressive in this video. Shoot, Edit, and Share with the Full-Frame ZEISS ZX1 In Leica's price range though. ZEISS ZX1 Digital Camera
  19. mjcmt

    What do you say about Nikon 24-70 2.8G non VR?

    Reviews are showing the new VR version is superior. There's also a lot of competition from other brands, but I'm reading issues w/ focusing in particular. The Nikon VR version is not possible w/ my small funds, but a used older Nikon 24-70 might be doable with a lot of searching. The reason I'm...
  20. mjcmt

    Bull Elk at Cherokee

    Bull Elk guarding his harem on a lazy afternoon Great Smoky Mountains Cherokee, NC Nikon D750, 180mm f2.6 edif