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    Bird Photos complied into Video.

    I took a few of my favorite bird photos and compiled them into this video. Feedback is always welcome. O yea, I also included a few pictures of my dog They were all captured with my Canon 7D Canon EOS 7D Sample Pictures - YouTube
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    Collection of my favorite wildlife photographs

    Thanks for the comments and feedback.
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    Collection of my favorite wildlife photographs

    I had some free time today and created a short video of some of my favorite wildlife photographs. All the photos were captured with a Canon 7D and 400mm 5.6L. Feedback always welcome.
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    Burrowing Owl Photos

    I found time this past weekend to finally take out the camera and photograph the local borrowing owls. I love these little owls but they are challenging to capture a flight shot. I am still waiting for a good in-flight photo. More pictures - Burrowing Owl Pictures
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    Goldendoodle and Tennis Ball

    Had some fun today with our Goldendoodle Rusty - More Pictures - Goldendoodle Pictures This is one of my favorite pictures of Rusty!
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    Dragonfly on a wire.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
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    Dragonfly on a wire.

    Thanks for the nice comments!
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    Dragonfly on a wire.

    I went out today for the first time in over a month to photograph the local hawks. I came home with no hawk pictures but came across a photogenic dragonfly. More photos- Dragonfly Macro Photography 1. 2.
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    Poor Lighting Photography Tips

    Photographing in little light can be challenging. I just finished putting together an article with 5 simple tips to help when photographing in bad lighting conditions. Low Light Photography Tips
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    Canon EOS Comparison

    Thank you for your kind comments!
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    Canon EOS Comparison

    And you have to click on each individual camera to get the info.
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    Canon EOS Comparison

    I have used DPReview but I wanted a simple list that had most of canons DSLR cameras. If you don't like it don't use it, just throwing it out there if anyone wanted a fast comparison.
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    3 more from Flagler Beach Florida

    Nice shots, I like the color in the sky in the second shot.
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    Drought, but !!

    Nice shots, I like the little detail in the foreground.
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    Little owl

    Great shot, nice eye contact!
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    Atlantic Puffin

    Cool shots. I like the composition of the 2nd shot!
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    White Lily

    Nice shot, I like the contrast with black and white.
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    The Robber got his Skeeter

    Amazing series, love the detail in the eyes!
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    Canon EOS Comparison

    When I was shopping for a new camera I put together a simple list of Canon cameras and their features to help me out. I figured other could benefit form the comparisons so I posted it up on my blog. Hope it can help someone out. Camera Comparison
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    Reddish Egret

    Cool shots, love the colors in this bird!