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  1. rufus5150

    Shells and Citrus #3

    "Shells and Citrus #3"
  2. rufus5150

    Mask, Books and Candle

    Another still life. Unfortunately more of a 'proof of concept' until more appropriately aged books appear in the mail and I acquire a better candle holder. The idea behind the composition was to following, with the elements of the photo, the pattern of the light, from the top left to the lower...
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    Red Wine and Blue Cheese

    Still life -- obviously a bit of post done to it as I was aiming to make it look a bit more like a painting... "Red Wine and Blue Cheese"
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    Some Recent Work

    1 - "Daisy in Blue Vase" 2 - "Droplet on Daisy #3" 3 - "Connect the Dots" 4 - "Former Rose" C&C welcome and appreciated as always.
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    National Geographic Redwood Tree

    A short video in which they describe the process of setting up and taking a picture of a redwood tree. I ran across this in the National Geographic box set bonus disc and found it online. Kinda makes me wonder if I've got the devotion to a single shot to 'make it' as a photographer :) National...
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    Smoked Glass

    Comments and criticisms always welcome. Thanks!
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    Asks the Iris, "Do you want to dance?"

    C&C appreciated.
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    I am the Sick Photographer

    (Blame it on the nyquil) I am the sick Photographer I tried to take some pictures With stuffy nose and ache I tried it with the lens cap on It's just a bit opaque? My sneeze adjusts my aperture My cough the ISO, too I went to take a long exposure Instead I hit preview. I deleted all my...
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    It's that season... #1 Atlas #2 On the Cutting Block #3 When Harry Met Sally
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    Shot with a single light with a snoot (and a spraybottle). I'm fond of the one petal going it's own direction, but that might just be personal preference. Thanks for looking.
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    Flowers - the new batch

    I haven't posted a flower series in a while... here are my experiments from tonight, all shot with 1 light and 1 reflector: #1 "Weeping Roses" #2 "12 Orchids" #3 "Lily in Training" #4 "Lily" #5 "Bird of Paradise, Excerpt" As always, C&C welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking.
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    Gary Fong

    Thought many of us might get a chuckle out of this: Original: Posted with permission per the author's site:
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    So... does anyone know...

    Where I can get some good deals on Nike? Gucci? Prada maybe? Need some jeans, too. And shox. Whatever those are. Any help would be appreciated!!! thanks!!!
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    ... and together we can rule the galaxy...

    right after this episode of Spongebob.
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    Odd image sales

    I was approached (and subsequently sold) some rights to an image. I didn't even think it was a particularly good image, but it somehow filled the bill for a company that tests high-end photocopiers. They're going to use it as a test image. It won't be used as marketing material or distributed...
  16. rufus5150 (Note: I've no affiliation with this site... but figured it might be amusing)
  17. rufus5150

    My first child portrait (er sorta) client (8 pics)

    I hadn't intended on doing kids at all but this opportunity came up. The client (mom) wanted to do the session in their house and some posed but mostly following the little one around and getting candid shots while he played. Of the 30 proofs I showed, they ordered at least two of each and some...
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    Never underestimate the tranquilizing power of a cuddly cat

    My daughter is trying desperately to give up naps. Not so, today, when the cat curled up, out she went. Naturally, I grabbed the camera. I can't figure out whether there's just too much going on or if the tones are just too flat, but this one fell out of my 'ooh' file and into my 'keep for...
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    Positively Alien

    If I were smart, I'd have written down the name of this plant but I didn't and a I took a nap today so it's pretty much gone now. Anyway, I saw this in the flower shop and had to have it. It was just Positively Alien.
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    But I wanna go outside...

    Inspired by bpetruzzo in his thread,, I took a crack at processing an image very similarly. I would be a fool to think I came anywhere close to his, but I'm pleased enough with...