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  1. Charles89

    WTS Fujifilm x10 in perfect condition !

    Hi I’m selling my Fujifilm x10. Almost never used. I bought it December, 10, 2011 in a Canadian retail store. For now its out of Ebay, since I think a scammer tried to buy it. Comes with: Original box; Original receipt from the store where I bought it (for warranty claims); Original...
  2. Charles89

    Selling Canon 50D + Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 + Sigman Ef-610 DG SUPER

    Hi, like the title of the post says Im selling a Canon 50D : Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera Review -In very very good condition -Has about 8700 actuations, the Canon 50D has a shutter life of about 100 000. -Comes with :-2 compact flash cards (4gb high speed + 8gb normal) 1 Battery 1...
  3. Charles89

    Would you get the sigma ef 610 (flash)

    I have no money for the Canon, and I really need (want) a flash. Sigma just released the new Ef610. There is a normal and ''super'' model. Normal : EF-610 DG ST Flash - Flash - Super : EF-610 DG Super Flash - Flash - Does anyone know if this flash is close to...
  4. Charles89

    WTB Canon 70-200 f/4 Non-IS

    Hi guys, Im looking for a Canon 70-200 f/4 L USM or an old 80-200 f/2.8. or a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 non OS (for Canon :) ) PM me if you have one of those for sell !
  5. Charles89

    Charlotte exploring Venecia C&C

    Sorry I posted the same thread twice it bugged.
  6. Charles89

    Charlotte exploring Venecia C&C

  7. Charles89

    My cousins and sister

    Here are two shots of my cousins. C&C is appreciated :D 1) 2) 3) 4)
  8. Charles89

    Castle at night

    Let me know what you think about it !
  9. Charles89

    Photography Blogs, the one you like the most.

    What is the photography website / blog you like the most ? Post a link to it and say why you like it ! Oh and please dont post your own blog, keep it fair :P I just had a look at Catherine Hall's website and her photos are "!/)!ing amazing. Here is the link to her website : International...
  10. Charles89

    The St-Lawrence at night for C&C

    I took this shot yesterday, testing my new 50D !
  11. Charles89

    1st shots with the 50D C&C

    Got a new camera, decided to try it around my house. Here is what I got ! Comments and Critiques are appreciated :) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  12. Charles89

    Canon 50D err 80

    Today I bought the Canon 50D at a local photography store. I did some test shots with it, about 110. After I connect the camera with the USB cable and transfer my photos to the computer and unconnect the camera from the USB port I get Err 80 on my top display and the camera is frozen. The only...
  13. Charles89

    Buying Canon 7D from Japan !

    So Im planning a Canon 7D from a Japanese powerseller ! Do you guys think its a good idea, or will I get charged an incredible amount of money at the borders (Im from Canada) They are selling it $1440 US +taxes and duty, they say its brand new never opened, but Japanese model (english +...
  14. Charles89

    Upgrading from XSi

    So, I just got a fairly well payed summer job (Im a college student ) Right now I have a Canon XSi, and I am thinking of going for a bigger camera. I am thinking of buying a 50D or a 7D (full frames are out of my budget right now :P ). The main reason im switching is for ergonomics, to...
  15. Charles89

    The red bars and text on these forums.

    How would you describe the red of on the forums. (the red text of the forum categories and the different red bars) I ask this because Im calibrating my colors and I need help :)
  16. Charles89

    Prints problems

    I have an Epson r280 (didnt buy it got it free cause the seller gave it to me with another thing I bought) Im having this problem, I cant make the photos I print look the same as on my screen. Everything I try f!cks the photos up. Are there anybody out here that can help me produce the prints...
  17. Charles89

    Northen Nature for CnC !

    I took this on a trip in Gaspesie (Quebec, Canada)
  18. Charles89

    Dont mess with me !

    My cat yawning !!! I think he looks badass hehe Taken @ F/4 1/80 and iso1600 C&C is appreciated :)
  19. Charles89

    My girlfriend in the Old Quebec for CC

    Please CC Color one :
  20. Charles89

    My trip to the Chic-Chocs in Jan. 2010 !

    My friends and I went to snowboarding and skiing in the East of Quebec (Gaspésie). A place called the Chic-Choc. Here are some shots and here is the link to the full set : Chic Choc January 2010 - a set on Flickr Please CC :)