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  1. davebmck

    Laptop computer

    I've been away from this site for a while. Where is the best area to post some questions about a laptop for photography post processing?
  2. davebmck

    Best P&S

    I'm always wishing I had my camera with me on my frequent business trips, but it's not practical to bring my DLSR gear with me. So I want to get a nice P&S that I can throw in my carry on bag. I'm partial to Canon and I've been looking at the G11, but wondered if some of you had an opinion on...
  3. davebmck

    Book Recommendation for the Zone System

    Can anyone recommend a good book on the Zone System?
  4. davebmck

    Lightroom 2 corrupting files?

    Just got back from a camping trip this weekend and was reviewing some of my shots. The first pass through the pictures, I selected the pictures I wanted to reject. Once I rejected those photos I was looking through the photos again and noticed several pictures had banding and odd patterns...
  5. davebmck

    Replacement for 18-200mm

    I'm going to order my 5Dmk2 this week and I need to replace my two cropped sensor only lenses. For my Sigma 10-20mm I have selected the Canon EF 17-40 f/4 L, but I'm having a little more difficulty finding a good substitute for my Sigma 18-200. This is my walk around lens and I really like the...
  6. davebmck

    Pearstone Hood

    I was looking at the Canon ET-65B hood and it goes for $44.50. I also saw a Pearstone model that sells for $20.00. Does anyone have any experience with the Pearstone hoods? Are they decent quality?
  7. davebmck

    Teleconverter AF modification

    I have a Canon 1.4 teleconverter under the christmas tree and I have read there is a modification you can make by taping some of the contacts to allow autofocus on lenses with larger minimum apertures than f/4. Can anyone direct me to information on how to do that?
  8. davebmck

    Lightroom 2 Camera Profiles

    Is anyone using the Camera Profiles in LR2? Do you feel these give better results than the default profiles? I downloaded and installed them last night, and they sure make a difference to the picture, especially with the reds and oranges. It makes me wonder which is more accurate.
  9. davebmck

    Card to Card Memory Card Reader/Writer

    Is there such a thing as a card reader/writer that will read from one memory card and write to another memory card. I'm thinking it would be a good way to download my pictures every day while on vacation. It would save me from having to lug my computer around me.
  10. davebmck

    Print vs. Screen images

    I haven't done a lot of printing of my digital images so I don't have a lot of experience in this area. I am talking about matching the printed colors and brightness to the screen images. In prints I have made on my HP printer, the colors seem a bit "muddier" than the screen image. I just...
  11. davebmck

    Red eye tool in Camera Raw

    There is a red eye tool in Camera Raw that appears to be exactly the tool as in Photoshop CS3. However, when I try to use it, nothing changes and I get a sound like when a dialog box pops up but nothing is displayed. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I can take the same image to...
  12. davebmck

    Unknown Spider

    My wife and I live in a heavily wooded area in NC and we found this spider in our yard today. It was about 1 inch long. Neither of us have seen one like it before and we haven't been able to identify it although we have a number of field guides. It seemed out of place. It was just moving...
  13. davebmck

    FS Canon 100-400 F4.5/5.6L IS USM Lens - New

    Brand new Canon EF 100-400 F4.5/5.6L IS USM Lens, never used. Still in original box with case and hood. All original paperwork including warranty card. Asking $1150. Shipping will be charged at actual cost.
  14. davebmck

    What is xmp

    I did a search on this and didn't find anything, so I will ask here. When I look through my file folders where my raw and jpg files are stored I see that some files have the same name with an xmp extension. Some do not have the mating file. The questions is, what is this file and do I need to...
  15. davebmck

    Suggestions for a super wide angle zoom

    I'm going on vacation in about a month and I'm thinking of buying a super wide angle zoom. Something like a 10-20mm. Do any of you have suggestions for well regarded one?
  16. davebmck

    Photoshop Elements 6 The Missing Manual

    I have a new copy of Photoshop Elements 6 The Missing Manual, by Barbara Brundage. I paid $26.39 for it and will sell it for $13 plus actual shipping costs.
  17. davebmck

    Nikonos Underwater Photography System

    Nikonos V Underwater Camera Body with 35mm, F2.5 Lens. Nikonos SB-105 UW Strobe (New, never used) Strobe bracket & TTL Sync Cord - Nikonos V to SB-105 Nikonos Close-up Photography Kit Extension Tube for Macro w/ 1:2, 1:1 & 2:1 Frames Carry Case Original manuals for camera, strobe and...
  18. davebmck

    Monopod and IS

    I know you're supposed to turn off IS (OS, VR, ect.) when you mount to a tripod, but what about a monopod? Seems like there are more degrees of freedom with a monopod and the IS would help for those. What's the general practice?
  19. davebmck

    Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 DG APO concerns

    I bought this lens this weekend to use on my Rebel XTi. I want to use this lens mostly for photographing wildlife. I took about 60 shots with it this weekend to see what kind of pictures I can get out of it. The problem I am having is that I can’t seem to get good sharp images at anywhere near...