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    How Bad is Continuous Focus on EM10 Mark II?

    I am thinking of getting back into m4/3 system. I have been reading about the EM10 Mark II and I know fast continuous autofocus is not its strong point. I am just curious about how you guys find it in real use for street photography? I am not planning to use it for sports but I will be using...
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    Concert Photography

    This is going to be tough. Depending on the size of the venue, a 50mm equivalent from a balcony will most likely be not enough reach. Now, you might still be able to recognize the face of the performer but it'll be tough. But it really depends on how far you are. It's hard to recommend a...
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    Issues with shooting with my current system

    I recently volunteered to take photos at a small concert where most of the music played are acoustic guitars and vocals or piano and vocals. I took pictures with my A6000 and the pictures turned out decent. But the issue was, I felt like every time I click the shutter, the shutter noise is so...
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    Which System to Invest In?

    I am one of those people that doesn't really focus on any one or two types of photography. So it's just general. I am not heavily invested in any of the system yet. But I want to make an informed decision and weight my options. There seems to be more lens selection on the m43 system but...
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    Which System to Invest In?

    I currently own two mirrorless "systems". 1) Olympus E-PL2 with 2 kit lenses and a Sigma DN 19mm f/2.8 2) Sony A6000 with kit PZ 16-50mm and a few Minolta MC/MD lenses My question is not so much with which specific camera would be better, but rather, if you have a fresh start, would you...
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    First DSLR

    I am a Nikon guy so I don't know enough about Canon products to comment. This is not to say you shouldn't consider Canon DSLRs. I think it's best to pick one up in a store to compare how they feel in your hands. As for Nikon products, I personally would go for a D3xxx instead of a D5xxx to...
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    Equipment for beginners??

    With the 85mm f/1.8, you already have something for portraits really. On the APS-C's about 128mm so it's great for portraits. There are really no must-haves for doing B&W as compared to color but you'll need a software that will do color-conversion. I am pretty sure they range...
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    Sakura! C&C always welcome!!

    Like what Blacksheep said, the second pic has some blown out areas on the right side of her face. Other than that, it's great. Focus is right.
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    Grave Yard By Deon Hamilton™

    I think this picture is "too busy" for me. I don't know where I should be looking at. If you're trying to make a picture to give the idea of a scary place to be....then I would zoom out a bit to get more of the tombstones to give more eerie feel. In the B&W version, the sky is blown out so...
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    Coffee Shop

    If your got more of the woman on the left in the frame without cutting her off, it'll be better. But this is nitpicking a bit because you needed a quick reaction to take this shot so I think it's great.
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    Relatively new at photography! Advice please!

    Another thing I sometimes do if I don't have a proper lens, shoot RAW and underexpose your photos by one or two stops so that you are using somewhat faster shutter speed than normal, then post-process it to the proper exposure. This is kind of cheating but it's better to have sharp pictures...
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    Relatively new at photography! Advice please!

    It's really hard to provide specific tips when I don't know what you're trying to take pictures of indoors. But I will try and provide some pointers. - If you're taking pictures of things that don't move, the most obvious answer to this is use a tripod. This way, you can keep the ISO...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M1

    Like what brunerww said, with the release of the A7 and A7R, choosing a new mirrorless camera just got a whole lot more confusing. The OM-D (5 or 1) is a fine camera and will take awesome pictures. However, I feel that the aggressive pricing of the Sonys are just cutting too close to the...
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    f2.8 zoom lens for nikon

    3 Points: 1) Whether it's VR or VRII, it's not going to help with you indoor sports. (Unless you're taking pictures of something that's not moving of course) 2) If you want to save a few bucks, Sigma and Tamrom will be fine. 3) Depending on how far of reach you will need, when you switch to...
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    tips for photography indoors help a beginner :)

    Okay I am going to give this one a try. - Keep your ISO at 1600 or 3200 depending on how dark it is. - You have a relatively fast lens at f/1.8 but depending on if you're doing group shots, you'll need higher depth of field so you might need to stop down. - Here is my most important tip (and I...
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    Need advice on 1st DSLR purchase and lens

    When you say "nature", are you thinking about birds and horses or trees and waterfalls? It makes a difference to what we recommend.
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    why do my photos not look as sharp as I like them?

    Seriously, VR/IS is not going to help because the cat's the one moving (1/125 is more than enough for 18mm handheld). Tripod is not going to help except in the scenario where you want to take 500 pictures of your cat and you think your arms will get tired. Open the aperture, use lower ISO like...
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    why do my photos not look as sharp as I like them?

    With the possible focus point issue, you can try switching to single-point focus instead of auto-multipoint to ensure you're focus at the eyes instead of letting the camera choose for you. Just make sure your focus is locked when you recompose. Second thing is, I think you should try shooting...
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    Just bought my first full frame Nikon (D600) Need a good first lens suggestion <$500

    Since you already have the kit zoom, I think for $500 you should go primes. If you don't need the latest andf greatest, for $500 you can get a used 50mm 1.8D AND a used 85mm 1.8D with money leftover. That will cover a walkaround general prime lens that's quite sharp and a decent focal range...
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    Does HDR/bracketing make or break shots?

    HDR the new standard? No such thing as standard but I surely hope not. Bracketing itself has nothing to do with image stacking at all. Braceketing in the general sense is really just to cover the odd times when you think you couldn't get the exposure right the first time. Stacking images...