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    A few from Virginia Beach [5 Pics | FA-18 Super Hornets N.A.S. Oceana]

    Had an impromptu run to Virginia Beach and found a few hours to do a little shooting. Oceana is normally a hive of activity but not so much this time around, as 4 carrier groups are out to sea. Managed to get a few of the locals though. FA-18 Super Hornet coming into N.A.S. Oceana 1 2 3...

    Fall is starting in Northern Virginia [6 Pics]

    Just a quick walk aroung the building is starting to show the start of fall, which I love. Went from 80 degrees to 54 over night, hoping to get out to Skyline Drive next weekend for a fall colors run. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Start of the Fall by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    Playing in Ballston, Arlington, VA. [6 Pics]

    There are a couple of buildings I like in Ballston, part of Arlington, VA, so thought I'd run down there and catch a little bit of the sunset after work. It's pretty bustling down there, but thins out quick after dark. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ballston by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    The New Z Mount 40mm f2

    Wow, what a welcome addition to the camera bag. Went to do a few test shots with it last night and I am really pleased with the purchase. Great focal length, I can see this becoming a classic like the Nifty 50. Great for if you don't want to get a 35mm and/or the 50mm primes, this obviously...

    Old Things

    Not sure that there's much here, but I liked 4, and I'm ust a sucker for old nick-knacks, and places full of them. I liked the texture in the old cracked paint as well. 1 2 3 4 [/url]DCMM Antiquing Run by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    Antiquing in Leesburg, VA | 6 Pics

    A few from an antique and cruise my local car club had yesterday. Mainly in Leesburg, VA and Lucketts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 [DCMM Antiquing Run by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    In Bruges

    I just liked the pops of color and the couple reminded me of the couple in the painting. Bruge, Belgium by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Brugge, Belgium by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr In Bruge by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    Dixer Custom Tattoos headshots

    My tattoo artist needed some shots, nothing too serious, just playing around. Rafa Cody the then apprentice. My tattoo artist, Dixer Dixer Custom Tattooing by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    Dulles Airport: Round 2, Sunset

    Quick revisit to Dulles yesterday for sunset. The lack of clouds made for a very nice gradient across the sky with the sun setting directly behind me. I plan on getting out for a sunrise session, hopefully with some cloud cover for a bit more eye appeal. 1. Dulles Round 2 by Jono Kenyon, on...

    Dulles Airport

    A quick run out to Dulles, closest I've been to an airport in almost 2 years, and the itchy feet are getting bad. Can't wait to GTFO. Finally getting the new travel rig dialed in and can't wait to go on a trip and not carry 30lbs of gear around. Dulles Airport by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Dulles...

    Virginia Beach Sunrise [5 Pics]

    I go to Va Beach once a month and always try to carve out some time to get toes in the sand. My first dawn patrol thee in many years, and without a surfboard which was a strange feeling. This past Saturday I made it down for sunrise at the pier. 1 2 3, not a wild departure from the 2nd...

    Georgetown, Washingotn, D.C. [9 Pics]

    From a walk along the waterfront and up to M street. Rosslyn and the Key Bridge Color 2. Charles Percy Plaza Color Under the Whitehurst Freeway C&O Canal M street Storefront PNC Bank Kennedy Center Georgetown walkabout by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    [Washington, D.C.] A few (8 pics) from last nights walk downtown.

    WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial Atlantic Theater WWII Memorial Golden Lincoln Pacific Theater WWII Memorial Monument Crossing In America: Remember installation National Gallery Capitol from 3rd & Constitution D.C. Nights by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    "In America: Remember" Installation, Washington, D.C.

    HERE is some more information about this ongoing installation. Setting sun getting on the monument. Full harvest moon behind the monument. [/url] D.C. Nights by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    An aerial night at the Fair.

    Shot with a Mavic 2 Pro. Got all but 1 of the rides in motion. And I just liked the construction tangle looking off over the mall. Fair Oaks Mall Fair II by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    A night at the Fair.

    Nothing like the smell of funnel cakes, smoked turkey legs, and the clanking of hastily assembled whirling machines. End of the summer fair at Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA. Fair Oaks Fair: End of Summer by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    Some D.C. Landmarks with a couple HDR's

    From tonights walk around town. Was trying to get one more night with the tower of lights illuminated, but no dice. They were supposed to , but oh well. Still pleased with what I did manage to grab. Played with a bit of HDR for a couple of these. DC Landmarks by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    A few views of the Pentagon Light Tower 9/11 Memorial

    From the Air Force Memorial From the Jefferson Memorial with Regan traffic Clean(ish) Pentagon Memorial Light by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr

    A few from Virginia Beach, VA.

    Lynnhaven Bay and the Lesner Bridge, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in the background. Again, the Lesner bridge Looking towards VA Beach Town Center Out to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean on the far right Mt.Trashmore [/url] VA Beach Town Center Va Beach by Jono Kenyon, on...

    A walk along National Harbor, Maryland

    National Harbor by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr