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  1. Stevedevil

    Steam Train....

    It was a little bright when I took this, need to get a more overcast day..
  2. Stevedevil

    I am confused about Crop sensor ratios and their impact on EF-S Lenses

    Please dont let the Crop factor confuse you.. The factor is only a comparison to a full frame camera using the same lens, so the images taken by both cameras will be different when printed out as the full frame camera is using the whole of the EF lens, where the 7D will look like its cropped...
  3. Stevedevil

    Camera and lens for Wildlife and Sport photography

    It will be you using the camera and lenses, forums just try and give their view, you need something to take the images, once you get the kit the fun starts, get what you feel good with, all companies are out there making the equipment, and all equipment has its plus and minus, reading Magazines...
  4. Stevedevil

    iPhone 5, meh....

    Looks as if Apple have also messed up in the UK, as 4G only on Orange & T.Mobile!!
  5. Stevedevil

    New Train in Town

    This image is of the new Steam Train that our Village is running, I tried to get a "Motion" Blur, and enhance the blacks and contrast, the day was far too bright so there was a lot of overexposure, I plan to have another shoot there next week,,, Hoping for a slightly overcast sky too ;) Please...
  6. Stevedevil

    Camera and lens for Wildlife and Sport photography

    If you can afford it, then your looking at 2 Pieces of kit that will both do the job very well, Just see how they each feel and how you like their actions etc, comfort and ease of control are important....
  7. Stevedevil

    Camera and lens for Wildlife and Sport photography

    Higher ISO just means its grainier at high end, Im probably the wrong person to ask as have the 7D and the Canon 70-200mm L IS lens, and do lots of Motorsport photography :-)
  8. Stevedevil

    Camera and lens for Wildlife and Sport photography

    Hello, Your budget will probably be a factor, All I will add is that if you can afford "Image Stability" in the Lens then im sure the camera does not really matter, as the lens is the important bit in sports photography, so the 70-200 IS Canon is awesome, as I have one and had a 350D now have...
  9. Stevedevil

    Second Boudoir/Sexy shoot - Meet Lisa (Maybe NSFW)

    Seeing all 5 now, was only 3 at first, and actually No 5 is also really good, the tatoo really helps stop the eye and adds to the depth of the image.. Shame that the Model looks as if she is pressing hard on her hand and has made the fingers red..
  10. Stevedevil

    Is it worth it to get a L glass lens with a 550D?

    There will be many opinions on getting Lenses and Camera Bodies, I have always lived by the same rules... 1.. Budget, get what you can afford to get, with Lenses ( and we are talking Canon I see ) I would try and always buy Full Framed Lenses, as if you can upgrade to Full Frame Camera, you...
  11. Stevedevil

    Second Boudoir/Sexy shoot - Meet Lisa (Maybe NSFW)

    No 1 for me is a great pose and soft image, and also really like no 2.. In No 3 I feel the pose is far to open, and would have closed the body around, but feel that the choice of clothing does not help show her body well, causing a difficult session, especially if she is feeling nervous, I...
  12. Stevedevil

    Hello Everybody

    Hello, welcome to the site :-)
  13. Stevedevil

    Hello Again

    Cant believe it was 5 Years ago I joined here, Well back having a look around, feel free to say hi Cheers Steve
  14. Stevedevil

    what happened here???!!

    I would say that as the image would be inverted through the lens, then the second shutter was either sticky and too slow to react to gain the correct gap for the exposure, or too fast in creating the exposure gap that runs over the sensor, I advise altering the shutter speed up and down taking...
  15. Stevedevil

    Whick Set Up??

    Reading about the 70 - 200mm f2.8 it does seem worth saving the extra, will check out the AFAIK converters, Cheers
  16. Stevedevil

    Whick Set Up??

    mmm I think you may be right here as just read US and UK Canon web, and the NON IS works on extenders, but not the IS, so will it just loose the IS system, or does the Kenko Pro work with the IS, Any Clues
  17. Stevedevil

    Glastonbury Tor and Thorn + Dartmoor water

    Like No 2 a lot, nice shot Mate Was near there today, Chippenham
  18. Stevedevil

    Whick Set Up??

    Hi all Am looking to get myself a Canon IS L Lens and am a little stuck In whick set up will be better, Either the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM and Purchase either a 1.4x or 2x converter Or the Canon 100 - 400mm f4.5 - 5.6 L IS USM I know its a bit like " how long is a piece of string "...
  19. Stevedevil

    Photo Editing software

    Photoshop CS2 too
  20. Stevedevil

    Studio Lighting, dont know where to start!!

    Have you one strobe, two, three etc The camera will connect to the strobe via either a sync lead, or wireless, infra red etc.. You set the strobes to a setting that you want, and take a flash reading from your strobes, the reading you see on the flash meter you dial into your camera ( you...