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  1. Rose Bannister


    After much deliberation and trying many things to try and make money from my photography but getting nowhere I have finally managed to get my images accepted on a stock website! Hopefully this will work well and I can finally start earning from my hobby! Wouldn't that be great? XD I have sent 4...
  2. Rose Bannister

    Question about Photography Rights

    Hi. I am posting this in a few forums to see what the majority say as this is a rather confusing subject that no matter how much I try to look it up everyone seems to have a different answer. I went to the Royal Lancashire Show and wanted to take some street photography of the people, rides and...
  3. Rose Bannister

    A Hyper lapse + Steadicam all-in-one?

    News: Steady Shot Bot Launches Kickstarter A Hyper lapse Steadicam all-in-one Photography News My Take on it WOW! This thing is amazing! Watch the video on the link! Panaramas will be a breeze with this and no shaky or loose tripod problems. we must fund this thing! I can't wait to get one...
  4. Rose Bannister

    Can Now Remove Reflections From Photos Taken Through Windows

    News: Google and MIT Researchers Can Now Remove Reflections From Photos Taken Through Windows Popular Photography My Take on it Not sure about the reflection one (I don't think it worked properly in the video) but the gate one is fantastic! :icon_eek: I don't understand how they did it...
  5. Rose Bannister

    Hi! :3 I'm Rose and I'm new here

    I'm new here on this forum. I have never been on a photography forum but I am not a beginner. I have done a BA Photography and Digital Design course but I am always willing to learn more. However, I hope that my experience can help some people if they need it :) I am already having a problem...