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  1. Morpheuss

    first C&C with my t1i

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks for all the C&C I'm still learning a lot so all the C&C is very helpful.
  2. Morpheuss


    I finally got my digital camera mailed to me from my gf so now my signature if finally correct... anyway I was looking at the vast amount of pictures on the card that is in the camera already and was critiquing them like we would on the forums and it just amazed me how crappy they were... I had...
  3. Morpheuss

    Indecisive co workers...

    Have any of you had this situation.... You ask your co workers so when do you guys wanna go to lunch....they answer o i don't know... you ask your co workers so were do you want to go to lunch.... they anser o i don't know... You try to give them a few choices... do you want to go now or...
  4. Morpheuss

    Stupid people (venting)

    Alright so today at work... doing IT there is this one guys I can't stand... this team of engineers has toughbook and we have one of their hard drives all formated to be on the network and they switch them out which we told them not to do... and then the hard drives crap out and the expect us to...
  5. Morpheuss


    Hey everybody I just wanted to give a shout out to youtube. I typed DSLR photography in the search and found this 20 episode instructional thing that is perfect for people looking to do portrate photography the first 10 episodes is pretty much all about lighting and light sensors and setting...
  6. Morpheuss

    Famous Photographers

    Hey I was sitting at work today and was listening to my co-workers going on and on about their favorite football player/basketball player/baseball player and I was just thinking since I'm such a dork and don't really watch much of eaither to have favorite players I started thinking about my love...
  7. Morpheuss

    Hello everybody

    Hey I completely forgot about doing one of these... when I first joined I was so excited about surfing the forum... I am stationed in South Carolina but am currently deployed to Afghanistan until October and am having my gf ship me my Canon powershot sx10 IS and I ordered my Canon EOS Digital...
  8. Morpheuss


    Hey I have the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i and I have seen some people here and there with the same camera and my question is were did you guys get your extra batteries because I always like to have backup batteries and with my other digital camera it take aa batteries so i just carry some extra...
  9. Morpheuss


    Ok heres the thing. I am in the military so I have the Montgomery G.I. Bill and I heard from somebody I can use like a thousand or 2 thousand dollars of the old G.I. Bill and then switch to the new G.I. Bill and still have the full amount. Weather this is true or not I will find out from...
  10. Morpheuss

    Took some photos wonder what you think

    For these I took the origional and played with the constrast and color a little bit I love how I can make the color pop like when I took the photo. 1. 2. 3. 4. I know they are a little over exposed in some area's next time I take photo's i will have to keep an eye on the ISO. I...
  11. Morpheuss

    Post Processing

    I have tried some post processing and would like to ask you guys if i did alright or maybe some minor adjustments if i need to make them. 1. Origional 2. Edited 3. Origional 4. Edited
  12. Morpheuss

    C&C but please be gentle

    I took these before I really got onto the forum or started to really learn much but just curious as to what you guys think 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  13. Morpheuss

    Tough Question

    Ok I have a tough question. For me it is anyway... Here is the story. I am deployed to Afghanistan right now were the temp is around 110 and supose to get up into 120 and possibly 130 next month and there is always dust in the air... ok now for my question I have a Canon powershot SX10 back...
  14. Morpheuss

    GIMP and Photoshop

    I am wondering what the difference is between GIMP and Photoshop besides GIMP is free and Photoshop is a couple hundred dollars. I remember playing with photoshop back in high school around 3 years ago and me playing with GIMP now I can't really tell much of a difference. I was also wondering...