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  1. Battou


    Taken with Canon FD 85mm on Canon AE-1 with Fuji 400 35mm film.
  2. Battou

    The Old Horizon

    Taken with Canon FD 85mm on Canon AE-1 with Fuji 400 35mm film.
  3. Battou

    Driftwood on the River

    Taken with LG D-850
  4. Battou

    Untitled 22

    Taken with LG D-850 sorry rest of Exit not recorded on this one for some reason.
  5. Battou

    The Perfect Monarch Butterfly

    Taken with LG D-850, 1/302 at f/2.4, ISO 50
  6. Battou

    A Perfect Viceroy Butterfly

    Taken with LG-D850, 1/149 at f/2.4, ISO 50
  7. Battou

    Selective Six

    Taken with LG-D850, 1/465 at f/2.4
  8. Battou

    Fun with my Girlfriend

    The other day I took my daughter out for some photoplay, today while out with my girlfriend our date turned into a cellular photo free for all. Sadly my cell phone died in the process so I had to take an unfair advantage and whip out the 35mm SLR :gun: Never the less, seeing the woman I am...
  9. Battou

    Tech'em the best bad habits

  10. Battou

    Lens cap

    1/9 at f2.4 ISO2900 on LG G3 cellular phone
  11. Battou

    Untitled 19

    Taken with LG D800 1/25s at f/2.4 ISO-50
  12. Battou

    Beauty Upon the Fallen Tree

  13. Battou

    Hellcat in green

    Taken with LG-D850 - 1/157 at f/2.4, ISO 50
  14. Battou

    Out with the old and in with the...old

    Lets try this again shall we. I am back again, Made some serious life mistakes and completely lost my photography for a long time. Tried a couple times to recover it and failed because I failed to rectify the mistake that caused it. Now as I am preparing to divorce I am taking my life back from...
  15. Battou

    FiD - The Accident

    This is the beginning of a photographic series Titled "Film is Dead" I have been considering doing for some time. The premise of the series is the untimely death of film to ultimately tell a story of murder and betrayal shot entirely on 35mm film. Titled "The Accident" Taken with Canon FD...
  16. Battou

    The Ghost Protecting my Boy

    Titled "The Ghost Protecting my Boy" Taken with Vivitar 400mm f/5.6 on Canon EF with Fuji ASA 800 35mm film. The Solider who commemorates his fallen comrades by standing guard at the entrance of the grave yard where my son as well and many others reside in their final resting places.
  17. Battou

    The Idea and the Execution

    Taken with Chinon 55mm f/1.7 on Chinon CS, ASA 800 Many years ago, a mentor and teacher once told me that a skilled photographer could take a black and white photograph with color film, Well, here it is. Had to adjust white balance slightly but it is a color photo.
  18. Battou

    Untitled #19

    Taken with LG G2 1/25s at f/2.4 ISO-50
  19. Battou

    Brick and a Bridge

    Taken with LG G2
  20. Battou

    Suck it up and Deal

    For all who do not like me, I offer you a straw and a deck of cards. So you can suck it up and deal with it.