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    Trying to Achieve an "Underworld" effect....

    New image posted on 6/16/10 in post #14. Thanks for looking! Trying to achieve an "Underworld" effect. I am open to any suggestions.
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    Don't Mock Me....

    Just a Mockingbird.
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    A Few Pin-up Style Photos

    I have an interest in doing more pin-up type shoots and have been working on some older photos just to achieve the type of look I am going for so here are a few samples (testing the water, so to speak, ;)).
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    The Different Looks of Gina

    It was a pleasure to shoot this lovely model. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Had to add this one for fun, Molly, a wonderful MUA!
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    Let's Eat!

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    Another of Jae... 5'11" and all legs (well almost)

    Jae 5' 11" barefooted, :D.
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    Jae- Flower Girl

    Here is Jae...
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    Lots of Hair, a Stool, and symmetry (Maybe NSFW)

    Title pretty much says it all, :sexywink:.
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    Athena...Classy Lady

    This model was a pleasure to work with, and had true class. \
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    Meet Stephanie

    Here is Stephanie. There is also a B&W version here:
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    Here is Stephanie. There is also a color version here:
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    It's A Beautiful World...Playing With My 35 f/1.4

    Before telling me it is out of focus, please understand that the shallow DOF is intentional, :D. Shot this afternoon.
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    Missing You

    Missing You.......
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    White on Black / Black on White- Possibly NSFW

    I worked with an amateur couple who wanted to do a black/white theme, their inexperience showed, but overall it was a fun shoot. I know the background can be distracting but this is what they wanted. I am having problems with my main computer so I had to process these on my laptop, please let...
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    "Land of Trembling Earth" (Okefenokee, Okefenok)

    Last week I made a trip to the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia, USA. Here are a few photos. Sunset. I like this shot because of the reflection of the sun, you can also see my Guide standing steering the boat, in the alligator's eye. Not sure what kind of flower this is.... River...
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    Enter this place....

    only if you dare....
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    Blue On Blue- Portrait of a Bluebird

    Enjoying the sun.
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    Sunrise Over the Moon- Maybe NSFW

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    Colorful Jellyfish