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    St. Bernard/Boxer Mix & A Chihuahua

    These are two of my kids... I love these guys. I love these are some of my favorite shots, but am I being biased? Can I have some CC? Thanks
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    RAW problems

    Thank you both for your information!
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    What's in the film drawer in your fridge?

    Beer shares the drawer with my film! lol
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    RAW problems

    Okay... I have done a lot of research on this but I haven't had anything that has answered my questions. 1) I have tried several times to shoot RAW. What I do is shoot RAW + JPEG so I have both to work with and honestly so I can see a difference. But I have NOT been able to look at any of...
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    Looking for feedback!

    The only feedback I have is... I love them!
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    Missing Summer

    I’m going through my pictures and came across the ones that reminded me of what I miss so much. This is from a trip I took last year with some some friends to California. I miss summer. Only 6 months to go.
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    First Wedding 10-25 Pic heavy

    Gorgeous work!
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    Latest Wedding - Feedback Please

    Thanks for you feedback... I had Canon Digital Rebel XT (getting ready to upgrade) 4 lenses... (forgive me if I don't remember all the details) a sigma 2.8 28-70mm (which was the one I used the most) a canon 1.8 50 mm a canon 3.5-5.6 27-55mm a 3.5-5.6 80-300mm which I didn't even bring...
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    Latest Wedding - Feedback Please

    Here is the latest wedding I did... some of my favorite shots... I'm curious as to what you think. Thanks Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4: Image 5: Thanks again!
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    Flower Arrangement

    Flower Arrangement Here are some pictures I took of a flower arrangement at a wedding I went to recently. I'm curious as to which one looks the best? Thanks #1 #2 #3
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    Just havin a beer!

    Love this shot!
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    Why I wish we still did weddings...

    lol I must admit I thought the same thing myself! :)
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    I appreciate your comments and help. I'm sorry I lack the experience in some ways to make a wedding photographer. But what I lack there I have in ambition, creativity and love of it. I do have a back up film camera that I've used for years (so I do know how to work it) and I do have film and...
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    Okay... I've been doing a little research online and I think I figured it out. The lens that has the largest apeture is fastest. So my lens opens up to only 3.5 apeture, so a 2.8 would be the apeture. If what I'm saying is true what does the #: mean? (example my lens is 1:3.5-5.6 what does...
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    I'm doing this wedding for a client. This is the fourth wedding I've done however all the other ones have been outdoor weddings. The receptions have been indoors and I haven't been too pleased with the lighting in the pictures. I just want to make sure I have the proper equipment before the...
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    lol I honestly don't know if I want it now. However I may be interested in it in the future if you could pm a pic and how much you want for it and I'll be able to think about it. Okay... here comes more questions. Well first of thank you all for your responses. After doing research on...
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    Looking forward to learning!

    Welcome! The more you use your camera the more it'll come to you... but you'll never stop learning! (and thats a good thing) My dogs even roll their eyes when I bring out the camera!! :lol:
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    Calling all Wedding Photographers

    I am going to be shooting an indoor wedding and I was wondering what you use to light a low light church. (I've been doing outdoor weddings) I'm willing to upgrade my equiptment to make the pictures look great but I need your help. I have a Canon Rebel EOS XT... and a speedlite 380ex flash...
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    New Wedding & Storybook Suggestions

    Thanks Big Mike I am looking into it. I never got a response to the other question though and wanted to bump this thread because I definitely go the job! (Whoo Hoo) But I also want to ask what kind of bounce flash would work with my Digital Rebel EOS XT I also have a speedlite 380ex. I'm...