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  1. davebmck

    Laptop computer

    I've been away from this site for a while. Where is the best area to post some questions about a laptop for photography post processing?
  2. davebmck

    Watercraft for On-Water Bird Photography

    I own a Native Watercraft Ultimate 12. It is very stable and I have used it both with my 100-400 handheld and my 500mm on a tripod. Photography on a kayak is challenging, but you can get some shots not otherwise easy to get.
  3. davebmck

    Green images

    In programs like Lightroom and ACR the white balance adjustment has sliders for both color temperature and tint. You can usually get this kind of color cast corrected with the tint slider. More complex adjustments can be made in the HSL/Color sections.
  4. davebmck

    Battery For the Canon 5D Mark II

    They have a zero rating on Only 5 ratings, but all bad. - - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings
  5. davebmck

    Teleconverter Question

    A 1.4 teleconverter will take your maximum aperture to 4.0 and your maximum focal length to 280 mm.
  6. davebmck

    Manual Extension Tube Question

    Just use your histogram. After a couple of test shots, you should be able to get the exposure nailed. I do this when shooting moon shots. The camera meter never seems to get this right.
  7. davebmck

    580 EX II

    I use mine for wildlife photography and I use it in ETTL mode most of the time. When the subject is farther away I use a Better Beamer with it. It really helps with back lit subjects and will get a catch light in the subject's eye.
  8. davebmck

    Macro Extenstion Tubes

    Your exposure metering should work fine as long as its TTL. Some extension tubes with some cameras will even autofocus.
  9. davebmck

    hyperfocal distances

    To answer your question, if the hyper focal distance is 1.5 feet, that means you should focus on a point 1.5 feet in front of the camera (in front of the focal plane actually). When you do that, everything will be in focus from infinity to half the focal distance, in this case 3/4 of a foot.
  10. davebmck

    Canon ETTL-II users only - Flash question

    Using ETTL, your camera should meter correctly even if a diffuser or flash card is used, and/or if the flash is set to bounce. This is because the flash fires an extremely short pre-flash and the camera uses that to meter the exposure. So no matter how the flash is set up, the camera sees the...
  11. davebmck

    Best Place To Get Prints?

    Check out They have color profiles and do not tamper with your images. In fact, before you can place an order with them they have you send in 5 images that they print for free and send back to you to for review.
  12. davebmck

    Gray Card

    Well, if you shoot raw, you can put the card somewhere in a test shot and when you process your raw image, most software will let you pick on the grey card to set the WB. All other photos with the same lighting can use the same WB setting and you can usually apply this to a whole group of...
  13. davebmck

    Locking shutter speed whiile shooting in AV

    While the canon will not let you set a specific minimum shutter speed when in auto iso and av mode, the way auto iso is supposed to work is that it sets the iso to a value that does not let the shutter speed be lower than 1 over the focal length. So if your shooting a 100mm lens the shutter...
  14. davebmck

    Lightroom 3 book suggestions

    I have the Kelby LR2 and LR3 books. They are great books for learning the program. Kelby takes you through the modules, one by one and offers lots of tips and suggested settings. I would recommend it.
  15. davebmck

    North Carolina?

    Waxhaw NC here, about 30 miles SE of you. Charlotte has a great Carolinas Nature Photography Association. Check out
  16. davebmck

    North Carolina?

    Hey, LittleJohn. Do you know the Peedee Wildlife Refuge well? I was over there last spring. It would be good to go out with someone who is familiar with what is going on at the site.
  17. davebmck

    Photoshop Dilemma - Just can't get it right!

    Gee, this is incredibly easy in Lightroom. Go to the Develop module, click the crop icon and select the 1 to 1 ratio. Then go to the Library module and click the export button. You can select the max pixel dimension, resolution and other options. Click export and you're done.
  18. davebmck

    Photoshop Dilemma - Just can't get it right!

    I would crop the image to get it to a square format and then resize to 600x600 pixels. Note that at 300ppi the print size is only 2"x2". I've never heard of 24 bits.
  19. davebmck

    Best P&S

    Thanks for the input guys. G11 ordered last night.
  20. davebmck

    Best P&S

    I like the S95, but I prefer to have a viewfinder.