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  1. Stevedevil

    Steam Train....

    It was a little bright when I took this, need to get a more overcast day..
  2. Stevedevil

    New Train in Town

    This image is of the new Steam Train that our Village is running, I tried to get a "Motion" Blur, and enhance the blacks and contrast, the day was far too bright so there was a lot of overexposure, I plan to have another shoot there next week,,, Hoping for a slightly overcast sky too ;) Please...
  3. Stevedevil

    Hello Again

    Cant believe it was 5 Years ago I joined here, Well back having a look around, feel free to say hi Cheers Steve
  4. Stevedevil

    Whick Set Up??

    Hi all Am looking to get myself a Canon IS L Lens and am a little stuck In whick set up will be better, Either the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM and Purchase either a 1.4x or 2x converter Or the Canon 100 - 400mm f4.5 - 5.6 L IS USM I know its a bit like " how long is a piece of string "...
  5. Stevedevil

    Basic Site

    Hi All What I need is some advice on which is a good web publishing program ( software ) to get hold of, whick includes upload software I started yesterday But the package that came with the Domain is a bit poor Any advice please Steve:hail:
  6. Stevedevil

    Lacock, Chippenham Lighting Course

    Hi Ive just booked a Lighting & Portrait Weekend in Lacock, near Chippenham. June 2nd & 3rd Details at and follow the link for Lighting Courses Be great to get an insight into studio setup etc Be great to meet up too Steve
  7. Stevedevil

    Canon Speedlite 430EX

    Has anyone a suggestion of a good camera mount transmitter that will fire the Canon speedlite 430EX and also be able to fire Studio Flash??? The Speedlite has a wireless feature, so am looking for a package that can be used where it will fire a strobe and the speedlite, as cant afford the...
  8. Stevedevil

    Please Help!!!!

    Ive been offered a Canon 28 - 70mm L f2.8 for £ 500 What do you think Some fast ones please as I feel this will go Steve:hail:
  9. Stevedevil

    Where do we go from here

    I have posted lots of threads over past month, and I feel that they have all met with some varied opinions, but always have made good reading to the beginners out there so goes.... As we all do we ask the question with regards to " What Lens Shall I Buy " So here is my question. Canon...
  10. Stevedevil

    My Nephew Oliver

    Have had a play in PS and what do you think My Nephew Oliver, 4 Months Old Cheers Steve
  11. Stevedevil

    My Nephew Oliver

    They say never work with Children Or Animals My Nephew is 4 Months Old here and I took over 100 shots just laying on the carpet.... Hope you like it Steve
  12. Stevedevil

    How about

    Im still quite a newbee, but I can see the mass input into UK that your site has... So how about a Forum for UK Your members from UK will love it What does everyone think What would you need ??????
  13. Stevedevil

    What Lens To Replace EFS

    Hi All Im looking to replace the lens that came with my EOS 350D, its a 18 - 55mm f 3.5 - 5.6 EF S lens I have been really interested in the Tamron that ( sorry to mention name ) Big Mike has purchased, Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical [IF] Which does look a great lens...
  14. Stevedevil

    Guide Numbers Studio Flash

    Ok So I am looking at purchasing some studio flash equipment, I have posted a thread before and had some really good responses, but the thread kinda lost its way. SO I started reading up a lot on studio flash equipment and most equipment have references to Guide Numbers And found some...
  15. Stevedevil

    Whats Your Favorite Lens

    Its just a little Thread to find Which lens you like the most and Why??? Please give examples of the use of lens ( portrait, landscape, wide etc ) and why you feel the lens works best. Will give a good insight to Buyers when looking Thanks All Steve
  16. Stevedevil

    Which Filters

    Hi all, have been reading a lot on TPF regarding filters, So what are the must have's for lens protection, also any recomendations of some good ones to keep in the bag ( Polarisers, etc ) Thanks for the advice Steve
  17. Stevedevil

    Import Camera Stuff

    I have just read an article with regards to the " grey imports " that we currently see on certain web sites. The article states that if you import / buy an overseas ( Japan etc ) Camera / Lens etc, then when you try to export it yourself, by getting on a Plane / Boat etc for a holiday, when...
  18. Stevedevil

    Kenco Teleconverter pro 1.4x

    There seems to be a lot of opinions regarding 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters So I will start a thread as am looking to getting the Kenco 1.4x teleconverter Pro. Some do's and donts, why nots and why greatly appreciated. Read a Post from Big Mike saying that he wanted to test a 300mm with...
  19. Stevedevil

    Portrait Course

    This is more aimed at UK users, of which I know there are many Just booked myself on a Portrait Course, as looking to buy some studio equipment, and thought I would benefit to being with a Pro using my gear, and using his set up.... If anyones interested have a look
  20. Stevedevil

    Web Publishing

    I thought I would leave this thread here I have recently registered a Domain Name to start a web site, and the provider for the web space can provide a programme when I sign to the package, but I dont see the point of paying for a web site that I have not designed. My question is, and after...