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  1. dl4449

    Nikon d810

    Just bought one myself love it
  2. dl4449

    Cross Body Camera Straps

    Black Rapids when I use a strap, but I mostly use the Cotton Carrier.
  3. dl4449

    Interested in Induro CLT204 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod

    I have the 204 with the BHD2 head and i am pleased with it. Without knowing what body and lens you will be using it might be a little light. I also have the CLT 303 also with the PHQ3 (package deal) head which i think is a little sturdier . The Induro tripods have a 5 year guarantee and if you...
  4. dl4449

    D750 warranty: Just wanted to double check?

    I would send it in. Mine is back in for the 4th time for that problem. They are going to repair it under warranty because the 3rd repair was less than 90 days sounded like they would not cover their repair for more than 90 days.
  5. dl4449

    Does Anybody Here Use Japanese Kitchen Knives?

    You might take a look at the MAC brand . Checked them out at the local festival I liked them. Seemed to have the quality of my german 40+ year old knifes
  6. dl4449

    Fantastic deal on printer

    Red River paper has a chart for Ink cost for all the paper sizes Cost of Inkjet Printing Reports by Red River Paper
  7. dl4449

    Nikon DK-17M Magnifying Eyepiece

    I have one on my DF and I like it
  8. dl4449

    Nikon offer free d600 shutter replacement

    Mine was out and back in about 10 days . The only notification I received was its on its way back
  9. dl4449

    Sensor hygiene....

    I have one of the D600 with the spots on the sensor .I sent it to Nikon for repair and they replaced the shutter mechanism. Apparently the shutter wasent sealing properly and letting dust in and getting on the sensor
  10. dl4449

    Help needed with iPad sync to "new" computer.

    Are you trying to sync with a Mac or PC? If your using a Mac or Mac Book you can Sync the Ipad with the Mac thru Itunes just connect the Ipad to the computer via USB and tell the computer what to sync. Hope this makes sense as I am fairly new ti the Apple world I sync my Ipad and Iphone with my IMac
  11. dl4449

    D 600 Owners, how about some feedback. Looking to upgrade.

    I am just barley south of 70 my self. ;) I have had mine (D600) for a little over 2500 clicks. I thought it would be a backup to my D700 but i find myself picking the 600 most of the time. I agree that I do not need(want) a 36MP camera but the 24 is nice.The controls are totally different than...
  12. dl4449

    who's d600 dust has gone away?

    I sent mine to Nikon for cleaning (warranty) and they replaced the shutter. Apparently there are leaks around the shutter that is letting dust in. Nikon D600 sensor's dust spots caused by a gap around the shutter? | Nikon Rumors
  13. dl4449

    I Popped the Question and She Said.....

  14. dl4449

    Running out of room - External drive needed.

    I am using a 3TB thunderbolt drive for my working drive. It is plenty fast enough to work on. Then I backup to a Drobo FS
  15. dl4449

    D600 - Next Lens?

    You might be able to pick up a 24-85 f/3.5-4.5 on Craigs list. In my area they are asking 350.00 + as they had a special $1995.00 with that lens when I bought mine.
  16. dl4449

    Amazing violinist!!!!

    Well i am more than 2 X 30 and i like it :cheer:
  17. dl4449

    Pigeon Point Lighthouse

    Nice Trever That is one of my favorite places to shoot. Do they have the lens on display yet??
  18. dl4449

    Backing up your photos

    I just ordered a 4 bay Drobo Drive. I will start with two 2 tb drives and add from there.You can hot swap the drives and when it starts to fill you get a message to add another drive or replace a small drive with a larger one . Drobo Home
  19. dl4449

    New 27"imac screen

    I was concerned with the glossy before i bought it but after using it for a while i thing it is great